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Iranian researcher makes human cartilage from body cells
Health Desk An Iranian researcher was able to produce human cartilage by sampling, proliferating and culturing human cartilage cells on a collagen protein scaffold.
3D bioPen: A hydrogel injection to regenerate cartilage
Highly specialized cartilage is characteristically avascular and non-neural in composition with low cell numbers in an aliphatic environment.
Doctors use lab-grown cartilage to heal knee injury
For the thousands of Canadians who suffer serious knee injuries each year, their only option is often surgery to replace the damaged joint with a plastic or metal implant.
Scientists generate cartilage tissue using a 3D bioprinter
Researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden have successfully generated cartilage tissue by printing stem cells using a 3D bioprinter.
Cartilage from nose used to repair bum knees
Using cells from the cartilage in patients' noses, Swiss doctors have successfully made patches to treat 10 adults whose knee cartilage was damaged by injury.

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