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US envoy calls for Germany to block Iran cash withdrawal
The US ambassador to Germany has called on Berlin to block an Iranian bid to withdraw large sums of cash from bank accounts in Germany to offset the effect of new US financial sanctions imposed after Washington withdrew from a 2015 nuclear deal.
How aid in cash, not goods, averted a famine in Somalia
In February, when the government of Somalia sounded an alarm to the UN about risks of a famine in the country, the UN’s Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), besides quickly shuffling a response team, was acting from a steep sense of history.
Govt. steeply raises cash handouts for Iranians
Impoverished families in Iran will get a rise of up to 50% in monthly allowance, under a program which had been adopted for sometime but will go force from Saturday night.
Mexico's biggest cash cow under threat from Trump
Mexico's largest source of cash comes from Mexicans living in the United States. That is now under the microscope after Trump issued an executive order on Wednesday to start building a wall on the border.
Iran widens cash handout cancellations
Iran has cancelled cash handouts to another one million wealthy citizens who received the monthly allowance as part of the targeted subsidy program.
Greek pensioners swarm banks for cash as Athens defaults on IMF loan
Thousands of elderly citizens in Greece have swarmed selected branches of the country’s crisis-hit banks, which were ordered by government to reopen in order to allow them withdraw cash from their state pensions.
Eliminating cash subsidies essential
By Asadollah Asgaroladi
Athens warns of cash crunch in couple of weeks
Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has warned of an imminent cash crunch for his debt-ridden country.
Cash subsidies for affluent questionable
Since the Iranian legislature has required that the government discontinue monthly cash subsidies to the affluent, the administration might have to check the bank accounts to identify the rich whose allowances must be eliminated.
Gold bars and cash found in school lockers
A locker-cleaning session at an Indian school has uncovered a stash of gold bars and stacks of cash, it's reported.
Woman gets bag full of cash at Burger King drive-thru
A New Hampshire woman got a surprise at a Burger King drive-thru: a bag full of cash instead of food.

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