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Iran says Israel root cause of regional crises
On the anniversary of the day when the Israeli regime declared existence 71 years ago, Iran has described Tel Aviv as the root cause of crises in the Middle East and a real threat to world peace.
Study: Alien species primary cause of recent global extinctions
Alien species are the main driver of recent extinctions in both animals and plants, according to a new study by UCL (University College London) researchers.
Hezbollah: US main cause of persisting crisis in Syria
A high-ranking member of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement says the United States is the main cause of the persisting crisis in Syria.
New cause of chronic stress identified in brain
In an international collaboration between MedUni Vienna, Semmelweis University in Budapest, the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and Yale University, researchers have identified a new process in the brain that is responsible for the delayed stress response and the long-term effects of stress: With a delay of 10 minutes after the ‘danger’, the area of the brain that reacts to stress and responsible for further action is activated via the cerebral fluid.
Fighting climate change is not just a cause, it’s also a business
Amid growing awareness about climate change and a consequent shift in consumer behavior, brands are increasingly selling more sustainable goods.
Risks are rising that oil prices will cause next recession
Analysts: Oil could reach $200 if Iran shuts down Strait of Hormuz
By Tim Mullaney
Can carrots cause allergies?
A person can be allergic to almost any food. While carrots are nutritious and packed with beta carotene, these root vegetables can also cause dangerous allergic reactions.
Scientists find widespread ocean anoxia as cause for past mass extinction
For decades, scientists have conducted research centered on the five major mass extinctions that have shaped the world we live in.
Iran: Israeli occupation of Palestine main cause of conflicts in region
Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations reaffirmed his country’s longstanding solidarity with the Palestinian people, saying the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories is the root cause of all conflicts in the Middle East.
Small screens can cause big strain on children's eyes
For years, experts have recommended that young children limit their television screen time, but health officials have new concerns now that screens that fit in a pocket are always available.
Ancient tree exposes cause of hike in Arctic temperature
Scientists from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have found an ancient kauri tree in New Zealand that holds the key to the cause of rising Arctic temperatures.
High temperatures will cause body to shut down
Summers will become so hot in parts of the world by the end of this century that the body will not be able to cool itself down and will lead to sudden death, researchers warned.
Shower techniques can cause back acne
Christie Kidd, Kendall Jenner’s dermatologist, explained some of the key causes for the troublesome affliction known as 'bacne'.
Lack of sleep may cause brain to 'eat' parts of itself
A new study on mice published in the Journal of Neuroscience shows that missing out on sleep may cause parts of our brains to start eating other parts.
Cause of fatal childhood disorder revealed in gene study
A gene involved in brain development that can lead to severe disability and infant death has been identified by scientists.

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