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Zarif: Abandon illusion that Iran will cave to US pressure
Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said his country will not succumb to economic pressure by the US administration.
Katale Khor Cave, one of the most famous caves in Iran
Katale Khor Cave located in Zanjan Province is one the most beautiful attractions in Iran. The Katale Khor Cave was chosen as the first cave in terms of its crystals and cave formation, beauty and its numerous layers. Of the best known caves in Iran, Katale Khor enjoys a special status because of its spectacular beauty.
In Pakistani village, home is where the cave is
Bombproof, earthquake-resistant and cheap: Thousands of Pakistanis are choosing to hunker down in caves northwest of Islamabad, snapping up the hobbit-like homes amid a nationwide housing shortage.
Thai cave rescue boys relive 'moment of miracle'
The 12 boys rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand have spoken publically of their ordeal for the first time, describing the "moment of miracle" when divers found them.
Daring rescue saves all 12 boys, soccer coach from Thai cave
All 12 boys and their soccer coach have been rescued from a flooded cave in northern Thailand, the Thai navy SEALs said Tuesday, ending an 18-day ordeal that riveted people around the world.
Fifth boy freed from Thailand cave, but rescuers face 'war with water and time' to get to others
Rescuers in Thailand freed a fifth member of the boys soccer team from the flooded cave in which they have been trapped for more than two weeks, Sky News reported.
Thai cave rescuers in action as they race against time
A former Thai navy diver helping to rescue a football team trapped inside a flooded cave died Friday as officials warned the window of opportunity to free the youngsters is ‘limited’.
Thai boys, coach receive food, treatment inside cave
Authorities in Thailand have vowed to take a “no risk” approach to freeing 12 boys and their soccer coach who have been stuck in a flooded cave for at least 10 days, while soldiers hold an evacuation drill to be prepared for the rescue mission.
Thai boys may have to dive out of cave despite peril
A top Thai official said Tuesday that heavy rains forecast for the coming days could worsen floods in the cave where 12 boys and their soccer coach were located after an exhaustive search, and could force authorities to speed up their extraction by having them dive their way out.
Divers try to plan a way out for trapped boys found in Thailand cave
Twelve boys and their football coach found alive after more than a week trapped deep inside a flooded cave in Thailand will have to wait there until rescuers can make a plan to get them out
Research: Cave painting sites may have been chosen for their acoustics
New research suggests the sites of cave paintings created by Paleolithic peoples many have been chosen for their acoustic qualities.
Biologists find cave life that may be 50,000 years old
In a Mexican cave system so beautiful and hot that it is called both Fairyland and hell, scientists have discovered life trapped in crystals that could be 50,000 years old.
Cave discoveries shed light on Native, European religious encounters
A project led by archeologists from the British Museum and the University of Leicester has discovered remarkable evidence which shows how the first generations of Europeans to arrive in the Americas engaged with indigenous peoples and their spiritual beliefs deep inside the caves of a remote Caribbean island.

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