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South African cities short of cemetery space
In the middle of the vast Avalon cemetery in Johannesburg's Soweto township, two gravediggers shoveled soil out of an old grave containing remains buried years ago.
Remains of Anglo-Saxon cemetery discovered
Archeologists from the University of Sheffield have uncovered a previously unknown Anglo-Saxon cemetery.
US flower shop owner steals plants from cemetery
A woman who owns a flower shop has been accused of stealing plants and other items from graves in a New Jersey cemetery.
US Muslims raise money to mend vandalized Jewish cemetery
A fundraiser by Muslim Americans to repair a vandalized Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri, has exceeded its initial goal.
Pottery uncovered in Iron Age cemetery in Qazvin
Excavations at an Iron Age cemetery in Qazvin have led to the discovery of potteries and a new ancient tomb emerging from underground.
Artifacts unearthed from Ta	q-e Bostan's Parthian cemetery
Artifacts dating back to the Early- and Middle-Bronze as well as Iron ages have been unearthed from Parthian graveyard in Taq-e Bostan, Kermanshah province, said Sajjad Ali-Beigi, caretaker of an archeological team, which is conducting excavations at the cemetery.

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