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How cities are confronting climate change
The redevelopment of the Thu Thiem district in Ho Chi Minh is set to provide Vietnam’s largest city with new homes, parks and offices. Also seen as key to its success: Climate change preparedness.
Climate change is drying up the Colorado River
The Colorado River — which provides water to more than 40 million people from Denver to Los Angeles, the US — has seen its flow dwindle by 20 percent compared to the last century, and scientists have found that climate change is mainly to blame.
Adapting to climate change: We're doing it wrong
When it comes to adapting to the effects of climate change, scientists and policymakers are thinking too small, according to a new research review.
Burning questions at first UK climate change assembly
What is more eco-friendly, British beef or avocados? How do we ensure that the costs of tackling climate change do not affect the poor disproportionately? Is the government listening to the science or just paying it lip service? These were some of the burning questions that members of the British public asked environmental experts, at the country’s first citizen’s assembly for climate change in the city of Birmingham.
Colombian farmers under pressure from frosts linked to climate change
Potato farmer Pedro Gomez stared out across rows and rows of ruined potato plants, the usually green foliage brown and withered by heavy frost.
Teens feel the heat of climate change
In 2017, when the drought in Cape Town was at its worst in over a century, aid organization Gift of the Givers made an urgent call to South Africans to help farmers; suicide rates, amongst both small- and large-scale farmers, had surged in the few months prior. This and other evidence paints a bleak future picture in the context of climate change, and southern Africa is one of the areas that will suffer the most.
'No doubt' climate change causing wildfires, experts say as Australia burns
There is “no doubt” that climate change is increasing the risk of wild fires around the world, researchers said on Tuesday, as Australia’s government faces criticism for denying devastating bushfires are definitively linked to global warming.
China says won’t change its Taiwan stance despite election
China says it will not change its position that Taiwan belongs to it, after Beijing’s policy opponent, the incumbent Tsai Ing-wen won reelection in the island’s presidential poll.
For business, climate change has become real
The debate over climate change intensified over the decade, amid several of the hottest years on record, several extreme weather events and the publication of a wave of reports on warming. That — along with attention to the issue by policy makers in many countries and increasingly heated rhetoric — brought the issue to the doorstep of business, in the form of environmental disclosures, carbon pledges and green investment.
Melting in Arctic may trigger abrupt climate change
Researchers have predicted that the climate in various regions of the Arctic may change abruptly as the region undergoes large scale melting of permafrost — frozen soil beneath the ground surface.
Saudi’s oil shipment change raising concern about crude supply
Saudi state oil firm Aramco told Japanese refiner JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy about a possible change in shipment, raising concern about the kingdom’s ability to supply crude oil after attacks on its refineries, the Nikkei Asian Review reported.
Climate change 'has affected a third of UK bird species'
Climate change has affected the numbers of about a third of the bird species seen in UK hedgerows and gardens, according to a new study.
How dietary change might boost cancer therapy
In a recent study, mice that ate a diet with reduced levels of a particular amino acid responded better to cancer treatments.

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