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Dry lakes and dust storms: Dramatic changes to Yukon glaciers warning for planet, researchers say
The dramatic changes to the glaciers in the southwest Yukon in Canada are an early warning of what climate change could mean for the rest of the planet, researchers say.
Pygmies, masters of forest, tackle tough lifestyle changes
Just back from the hunt with a choice selection of plants, Ebona feels at home in the endless forest where many Gabonese fear to tread.
Being overweight tied to changes in young adults' heart structure, function
Even in early adulthood, being overweight is associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart muscle damage that may set the stage for cardiovascular diseases later in life, a UK study suggests.
Ocean current changes could alter Irish climate for two decades
A weakening of major ocean currents in the Northern Atlantic, including the Gulf Stream that warms Ireland, could trigger a sudden change to Ireland’s climate that could last for two decades, Irish scientists warned.
South Africa plans sweeping changes to health-care system
South Africa’s health-care system may face a major overhaul as the government moves ahead with plans to implement mandatory national insurance and reduce the cost of private care.
10 basic life changes that can make a big difference to your health
Despite knowing all the requisites of a healthy lifestyle, we still fail to achieve a disease-free life.
Seven food changes to ‘supercharge’ diet
Diet changes could result in more energy, a better night’s sleep, and healthier looking skin. These are seven quick and easy food swaps to boost overall health.
Changes to diet may help epilepsy when medications fail
For children with epilepsy who don't find relief from their seizures with medication, a tightly controlled nutrition plan might help, a pair of new studies suggested.
Stress in pregnancy linked to changes in infant's nervous system
Maternal stress during the second trimester of pregnancy may influence the nervous system of the developing child, both before and after birth, and may have subtle effects on temperament, resulting in less smiling and engagement, as well as diminished ability to regulate emotions.
Exploring how herpes simplex virus changes when passed between family members
A new study explores how herpes simplex virus might change when passed from one individual to another, information that may prove useful in future development of therapeutics and vaccines.
'Handful of changes' make cancer
British scientists have worked out how many changes it takes to transform a healthy cell into a cancer.
OPEC's pact compliance 'acceptable', some changes needed: Zanganeh
OPEC's compliance with an agreement among oil producers to reduce output has been acceptable, said Iran's oil minister on Monday, adding that some changes were needed if participants seek to balance the market.
Personality changes may not be an early sign of Alzheimer’s
Dementia symptoms commonly include memory loss, problems thinking and personality changes.
Scientists hope immune system changes will predict preterm births
By learning more about the immune system changes that occur during pregnancy, scientists hope they can someday predict if babies will be born prematurely.
Major changes in Rouhani’s new cabinet
Several key members of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s new cabinet was disclosed, indicating a number of current ministers staying in office.

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