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China says US currency manipulator labeling could cause chaos in financial markets
China’s central bank said on Tuesday that Washington’s decision to label Beijing as a currency manipulator would “severely damage international financial order and cause chaos in financial markets”.
UK PM ministers planning to topple her in days over Brexit chaos: Report
A number of UK Prime Minister Theresa May's top ministers are reportedly set to topple her within the next few days due to her inability to get parliamentary support for a Brexit agreement with the European Union (EU) weeks before the deadline to leave the bloc.
Macron: Europe must not become a plaything of great powers
French President Emmanuel Macron called for greater European unity, saying that Europe must not "become a plaything of great powers, must assume greater responsibility for its security and its defense”.
UN report: Avoiding climate chaos means 'unprecedented' change
The UN's 195-nation climate science body plunged deep into overtime Saturday to finalize a report outlining stark options — all requiring a global makeover of unprecedented scale — for avoiding climate chaos.
US provoking international chaos, Larijani says
Portugal fully supports JCPOA
Iran preventing ‘absolute chaos’ in Middle East: Analyst
Iran is a major player in resolving the Syria crisis, says an analyst, adding that it is one of the countries that is preventing an “absolute chaos” in the Middle East.
French government under fire after May Day chaos
France's interior minister promised Wednesday to boost security at protests after hooded youths ran amok at May Day demonstrations in Paris, torching cars and a McDonald's restaurant.
US seeks to create chaos in Iran: Analyst
An analyst believes the United States’ sanctions against Iran have been aimed at creating chaos, adding that the administration of President Donald Trump is using the economy as a “weapon” to destabilize the country.
Using optical chaos to control momentum of light
Integrated photonic circuits, which rely on light rather than electrons to move information, promise to revolutionize communications, sensing and data processing.
Mild chaos as Catalans try to vote in banned referendum
People in Catalonia have begun attempting to vote at some schools and other facilities in Catalonia that have been designated as polling stations in a banned referendum on secession from Spain.
West to blame for chaos, terror attacks in Greater Mideast: Russia FM
During a visit to Egypt, the Russian foreign minister has said that Western states, which pursued regime change policies and funded militants, are to blame for the chaos and terror attacks in the Greater Middle East, especially in Libya.
Iranian official: Yemen former president causes chaos
A senior Iranian diplomat said Yemen's fugitive former President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi has plunged the country into chaos by declaring a separate government in the southern part of the country.
Britain’s border controls in chaos: Report
Thousands of undocumented immigrants to the UK are reported missing through the country’s porous borders every year, a report says.

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