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Scientists make gene-edited chickens in bid to halt next pandemic
British scientists are developing gene-edited chickens designed to be totally resistant to flu in a new approach to trying to stop the next deadly human pandemic.
How chickens took over world
A study of chicken bones dug up at London archaeological sites shows how the bird we know today has altered beyond recognition from its ancestors.
Tanzania, Kenya in diplomatic spat over cows, chickens
A diplomatic spat over cows and chickens has worsened already frosty ties between Kenya and Tanzania, with Nairobi lodging a formal protest against its neighbor, the foreign minister said Wednesday.
Scientists study how chickens made historic crossings
Long before chickens were eaten in the form of roasted in restaurant windows, they were cargo on trade routes and dinner for ancient people.
Color vision helps chickens find food, mates
New research confirms the ability of chickens to see in constant color.
2 m chickens to be destroyed due to flu
The development at the south-central Minnesota chicken farm brings the total of affected birds to 35 million in 15 states, with Minnesota and Iowa poultry flocks hit the hardest.
Hong Kong culls thousands of chickens over bird flu
Hong Kong authorities have slaughtered thousands of chickens from mainland China, after tests confirmed some birds were infected with a strain of deadly bird flu.
Hong Kong slaughters 12,000 chickens after virus find
Hong Kong has culled thousands of chickens after the potentially deadly H7N9 bird flu virus was found in poultry imports from China.
Japan culls 37,000 more chickens over bird flu
Authorities in Japan have started culling another 37,000 chickens in the west of the country after the discovery of a fresh bird flu outbreak, making it the third reported in less than a month.
Japan slaughters 4,000 chickens to restrain bird flu
Some 4,000 chickens have been slaughtered at a farm in southwestern Japan following the detection of the bird flu virus in the country’s top poultry producing region, local media reported.

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