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Call for smoke ban in the home to protect children
Cancer scientists have renewed calls for smoking to be banned in the home, as almost a third of smokers’ children are left likely to die from lung disease in adulthood.
22 children die in boat sinking on Nile River in Sudan
A boat carrying more than 40 pupils has sunk while crossing the Nile River in Sudan, leaving at least 22 primary school children dead.
Rude to your coworker? Think of the children
When people are rude to their coworkers or treat them badly, they probably don't realize the unintended victims in that encounter could be the coworkers' children.
Saudi jets attacks bus carrying children, leave 39 civilians dead
At least 39 civilians have lost their lives and over 50 others sustained injuries as Saudi warplanes targeted a bus carrying children in Yemen’s northwestern province of Sa’ada.
Why climate activists cannot agree if we should be having fewer children
As of the start of this month, we have consumed as much of the Earth’s natural resources so far in 2018 as we should have done for an entire year.
Iran, Indonesia sign agreement on women empowerment, supporting children
Iran and Indonesia signed an agreement in Tehran on Monday to enhance cooperation in women empowerment.
Status quo, multidimensional poverty, child labor in Pakistan
Out of the 218 million children employed into the workforce worldwide, 62.1 million of the child labor takes place in Asia and Pacific, meaning that in prevalence, 1 in every 14 children is a victim of child labor in Asia and Pacific. The International Labor Organization coins the term “child labor” as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development.
Children of undocumented Mexicans retrace parents' steps in reverse
They know the skyscrapers of Manhattan better than this small village in rural Mexico, but these 18 children are here to meet their extended families and learn about the world their parents left behind.
Zika epidemic sheds light on Brazil's 'invisible children'
Brazil’s “invisible children”, the thousands of babies born with neurodevelopmental disorders, have been brought out of the shadows by the Zika virus epidemic and their families may get help for the first time.
How to travel with children
For parents, going on vacation with their children can be extremely difficult. They should be prepared in some matters before taking such a trip with kids, especially if they are under 15 years old. Children in that age group make up a small but important traveler group.
Acclaimed Iranian actress: Children & youth filmmakers should be update
An acclaimed Iranian actress said children and youth filmmakers should be updated, adding that the cinema should respect children.
Underfunding to blame for UK child protection 'crisis'
A former Tory children’s minister has blamed the government’s ‘woeful underfunding’ of local authorities for a crisis in child protection that is putting the safety of vulnerable young people at risk.
One in four children live in country of conflict or disaster
A quarter of the world's children — about 535 million — are living in a country affected by conflict or disaster, the head of the UN children's agency said.

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