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Attacker hurts 20 children with hammer at Beijing school
A hammer-wielding man wounded 20 children in an attack at an elementary school in Beijing on Tuesday with three suffering serious injuries, local authorities said.
Guidance for parents about children's electronics
Parents should avoid letting their children use mobile phones, tablets or computers an hour before bedtime and agree screen time limits, according to new official guidance.
Children's hospitals more likely to give recommended antibiotics for pneumonia
Kids with pneumonia may be more likely to receive recommended antibiotics when they’re treated at a children’s hospital than when they’re seen elsewhere, a US study suggests.
Big rise in number of British children held in custody before trial
Hundreds of British children arrested by the police are being locked up before trial by ‘risk-averse’ judges, who often view them as gang members, according to a significant new report.
Children affected more by asthma in winter
Children suffer more from asthma than adults and this is all the more severe in winter.
Prevent continues to unfairly target children: UK rights group
The UK government’s newly-released statistics for its signature anti-terror scheme, known as Prevent, shows how the policy continues to increasingly target and focus security on children, according to an advocacy group.
Split liver transplants could safely help sickest children
In a review of registry data for more than 5,300 liver transplants performed in children nationwide, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers identify the type of patient who is most likely to survive a split liver transplant – receiving only part of a donor's liver – with no additional long-term health risks, which could allow for an increase in the availability of organs.
Thousands of children's lives could be saved after hospital discharge
The lives of thousands of children could be saved if health professionals keep track of those most at risk of dying after they leave hospital, researchers have found.
Record number of cases  in mysterious illness paralyzing children
This year has seen a record number of cases of a mysterious paralyzing illness in children, US health officials said.
Maternal stress at conception linked to children's stress response at age 11
A new study published in the Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease finds that mothers' stress levels at the moment they conceive their children are linked to the way children respond to life challenges at age 11. SFU health sciences professor Pablo Nepomnaschy led an interdisciplinary research team on this first cohort study.
New review highlights importance of good sleep routines for children
Sleep hygiene, which includes practices like providing a cool and quiet sleeping environment or reading before bed time to help kids unwind, is increasingly popular among parents looking to ensure their children get a good night's rest. But are these practices all they're cracked up to be? University of British Columbia sleep expert and nursing professor Wendy Hall recently led a review of the latest studies to find out.
Record number of UK children excluded for racist bullying
A record number of children in the UK are being excluded for racist bullying, a Guardian analysis found, prompting calls for an urgent government intervention to tackle bigotry and prejudice in schools across Britain.
Two-thirds of children in C. Africa need emergency aid: UNICEF
The United Nations children's agency UNICEF has warned that two-thirds of all children in Central African Republic, amounting to 1.5 million kids, need emergency aid.
3 children killed playing with mortar shell in Pakistan
Three children were killed after a mortar shell they mistook for a toy exploded in a field in Pakistan's northwestern Swat Valley, police said Thursday.

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