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England's Children's Commissioner: Thousands of babies in toxic homes
Nearly 16,000 babies are growing up in households where they are at risk of severe harm, a report by England's Children's Commissioner warned.
Children's health is disproportionately affected by climate change
Rising temperatures, drought, and weather disasters can threaten people’s health. Nobody is exempt. But …
FDA bans use of opioid-containing children's cough medicines
Trying to put a dent in the ongoing opioid addiction crisis, the US Food and Drug Administration slapped strict new restrictions on the use of opioid-containing cold and cough products by kids.
Limit children's snacks to 100 calories, health body says
Half of the sugar young children in England consume comes from unhealthy snacks and sweet drinks, figures show.
Limit children's screentime to 90 mins a day to prevent obesity
Children who spend prolonged periods of time using technology are more prone to obesity, a new study suggested.
Super-parenting' improves children's autism
Giving mums and dads the skills to become 'super parents' can dramatically improve their child's autism, a long-term study has shown.
Loss of EU funding could cost children's lives
The loss of European funding for medical research could cost the lives of some vulnerable children, London's Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has said.
UK charity: Children's center cuts will hit families
Widespread cuts to children's center budgets are likely to have a damaging effect on hundreds of thousands of families, a charity says.
National Children's Day programs announced
Tehran Municipality has drawn up comprehensive plans to observe National Children's Day which is held each year in Iran on October 8. Celebrations are held nationwide to commemorate the auspicious occasion.
Calculator ban improves children's numeracy skills
Banning calculators in the classroom has led to a record number of children passing math tests at 11, ministers have claimed.

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