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Nvidia to work with Arm chips, deepening push into supercomputers
Nvidia Corp. on Monday said it will make its chips work with processors from Arm Holdings Inc. to build supercomputers, deepening Nvidia’s push into systems that are used for modelling both climate change predictions and nuclear weapons.
Microsoft, Sony partner on streaming games, chips, AI
Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. on Thursday said they struck a strategic partnership in which Sony would use Microsoft’s cloud for streaming games and media and the two would work together to develop image sensors.
New security flaw in Intel chips could affect millions
Intel revealed another hardware security flaw that could affect millions of machines around the world.
Huawei to sell servers with own chips in cloud computing push
China’s Huawei, the world’s largest telecom-equipment maker, on Wednesday said it will sell some servers powered by its own chips for the first time, doubling down on efforts to boost its cloud computing business.
Brain chips help paralyzed man regain sense of touch using robotic arm
Picking up a delicate piece of cake is very different from picking up a sturdy box of cake mix. And that owes to your sense of touch — you know from touching each that one is much more fragile than the other.
How to save stale bread, chips with delicious chemistry
Are carbohydrates the greatest of the macromolecules? Probably. There's nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a doughy and delicious piece of steaming bread.
Next generation of memory chips could be 1,000 times faster
Most computers and smartphones feature two kinds of chips. One kind is built for speed and the other is built for storage.
Chips unhealthy
Iranian families are urged not to consume potato chips, as it is one of the unhealthiest foods.
Weird plastic finger covers for eating chips
This invention is either the next big thing, or just really stupid.

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