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MP: US has no choice but to return to JCPOA
By Sadeq Dehqan & Amirhadi Arsalanpour
Cooperation only choice for US, China: Xi tells Trump
Chinese President Xi Jinping has advised US President-elect Donald Trump to pursue cooperation as the only means to maintain bilateral relations between the world’s two largest economies.
Timing of autism diagnosis tied to treatment choice
Children diagnosed with autism before age four are more likely to get behavioral therapy and less likely to be treated with drugs than those diagnosed later on, a new study says.
Journalist : War criminal Clinton is the worst US presidential choice
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the “worst presidential choice” among a “deplorable” bunch of hopefuls from both Republican and Democratic parties, an American author and radio host in Chicago says.
A nuclear deal, then a choice to co-operate on extremism: Zarif
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said he is decisive to bring the unnecessary crisis on Iran's peaceful nuclear energy program to an end, suggesting that a deal can open the door to new areas of cooperation, notably the fight against extremism.
Even with a little weight gain,  quitting smoking a healthier choice
Fear of unhealthy weight gain can be a factor holding smokers back from quitting the habit. But a new study finds that even if you do add a few pounds once you quit, your post-cigarette health is still much better than if you'd kept on smoking.
Iran, first choice for investment
By Ahmad Pourfallah*

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