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National governments neglecting development needs of cities
National governments around the world are neglecting the needs of their major cities with non-existent or inadequate development policies, a new report has found.
China says 28 northern cities met late 2017 anti-smog targets
All 28 Chinese cities in a demanding winter anti-smog campaign met their air quality targets from October to December, but weather conditions could pose challenges in early 2018, the environment ministry said.
Trees could help reduce deadly Asthma attacks in polluted cities
Asthma symptoms could be reduced when patients are living in towns and cities with plenty of trees, researchers have claimed.
Daesh on verge of final collapse in Iraq, Syria after losing last major cities
The Daesh Takfiri group has virtually reached the point of annihilation in Iraq and Syria after its last two substantial urban strongholds in both countries were captured by government and allied forces during operations which reduced the presence of the terror group to pockets of barren desert.
Hate crimes spike in major US cities in 2017: Report
Hate crimes have spiked by almost 20 percent in major US cities so far in 2017, after increasing by 5 percent nationally last year, fueled by the election of President Donald Trump, according to a new study.
Marivan, Sirjan registered as world cities of handicrafts
World Crafts Council has registered the Iranian cities of Marivan and Sirjan as well as the village of Kalpourgan for their well-known handicrafts.
Car ban only way to beat air pollution in UK cities
The UK government must rid the cities of cars to reduce dangerous levels of air pollution, according to a leading expert.
Cities need 'hedges rather than trees' for environment
Hedges are often better than trees at soaking up air pollution among tall buildings, research has suggested.
Worrying lack of strategy' for UK smart cities
City residents are not benefitting from a clear strategy for developing cities that are 'smart' according to a new RICS Research Trust report by University of Reading academics.
General strike called by opposition affects DR Congo’s main cities
A general strike called by the opposition to force Congolese President Joseph Kabila to share power has slowed business activities in the country's four biggest cities.
Detroit ranked 150th among 150 US cities
Detroit came in last in a quality-of-life study of the 150 most populated US cities. The study, by personal finance site WalletHub, rated Brownsville, Texas and Memphis just above Detroit.
Protests surge in US cities after arrests of hundreds of immigrants
Thousands of Americans have taken to the streets to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration policy and the arrests of hundreds of undocumented immigrants in several states this week.
Bringing a breath of fresh air to polluted British cities
Featuring a sturdy leather head-strap and mask, two large tubes and a transparent backpack containing a small potted plant, designer Chih Chiu’s response to crowded, polluted cities is stark.
The world's cities: Vital, but fragile
They may be richer and more numerous than ever, but the world's urban dwellers can be forgiven a sense of dread as threats pile up from climate change, terrorism and anarchic growth.
Beijing's smog: A tale of two cities
The first thing Jiang Wang does when she wakes up in the morning is check on her daughter to make sure she's breathing clean air.

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