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'Iran, Cradle of Civilization' exhibition opens in Spain
“Iran, Cradle of Civilization,” an exhibition of nearly two hundred valuable pieces of works, showcasing thousands of years of the country’s history, was inaugurated at the Archeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ) in south eastern Spain.
Khorramabad Valley and formation of ancient Iranian civilization
Located in the western region of Iran, Khorramabad Valley, Lorestan Province, is one of the untamed and pristine areas with a rich history and significant culture and civilization. The high potential for environmental living conditions and the variety of historical remnants have attracted the societies since the Paleolithic period.
Historical findings in Jiroft represent ancient Iranian civilization
Ancient Jiroft is a symbol of Iranian civilization. The history of the region dates back to more than 4,300 years ago. Today Jiroft is a city in Kerman Province.
Ambassador: Iran, Russia have potential for promoting cultural ties
Iran and Russia, as two countries with great culture and civilization, have the potential to expand cultural cooperation, said Iran's ambassador to Russia.
Minister: Iran's culture, civilization have no border
Iran's Culture Minister Abbas Salehi urged US politicians to come to realize that Iranian culture, art and civilization have no border and cannot be isolated.
Iran, Italy to strengthen ties in art sector
Iran and Italy will strengthen ties in the art sector, said Italy's ambassador to Iran in a meeting with Iran's deputy culture minister.
‘Iran’ magazine published in Japanese
The magazine titled ‘Iran’ was compiled and published in Japanese in Tokyo to mark the country’s culture and civilization, IRNA reported.
Scientists uncover ancient Mayan structures that could change our understanding of ancient civilization
Scientists have uncovered tens of thousands of Mayan structures, potentially changing our understanding of the ancient civilization.
Iranian art, culture, civilization exhibit opens in Algeria
An exhibition of Iranian art, culture and civilization opened in Albaldah city, south of Algiers.
Official: Handicrafts convey Iran's cultural message to world
Each of Iran's handicrafts can communicate a cultural message of Iran which can be conveyed to the rest of the world, said the head of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO).
Maya civilization much vaster than known
Archeologists have spent more than a century traipsing through the Guatemalan jungle, Indiana Jones-style, searching through dense vegetation to learn what they could about the Maya civilization that was one of the dominant societies in Mesoamerica for centuries.
Excavations in Mudhaibi indicate presence of ancient civilization
Preliminary archeological excavations in the town of Al Ghareen in the wilayat of Mudhaibi in North Sharqiyah in Oman have revealed the presence of an ancient civilization in Oman with commercial association with the civilizations of Dilmun, Sindh, Mesopotamia and Iran.
Tunisian minister: Iranians have high respect for culture, civilization
Iranian people have a high regard for culture, civilization and thought, said the Tunisian Minister of Cultural Affairs Mohammad Zainal Abedin.
Unknown ancient civilization rock art found in NE Iran
In Iran's remote northeast, the discovery of mysterious rock art is intriguing archeologists. Strange symbols engraved on an outcrop of volcanic rock, on top of a mountain, appear particularly puzzling.

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