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US formally starts withdrawal from Paris climate accord​​​​​​​
The United States on Monday formally notified the United Nations that it was withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, making the world's largest economy the sole outlier from the agreement.
Study: Climate Change may kill 1.5mn Indians each year by end of century
India is the world’s second most populous nation and the country has diverse terrain and dramatic landscape but the country has done little to cut the greenhouse gas emissions which will give rise to the average temperature and with it the rise in mortality. A latest study by Tata Centre for Development at the University of Chicago has said.
Tens of thousands in UK invited to take part in citizens’ assembly to help tackle climate crisis
UK Parliament is forming a citizens’ assembly to tackle climate change, with 30,000 invitation letters landing on people’s doorsteps from Nov. 6.
Climate crisis affects how majority will vote in UK election: Poll
A majority of people in the UK say the climate crisis will influence how they vote in the looming general election, according to an opinion poll, with younger voters feeling particularly strongly about the issue.
Climate engineering: International meeting reveals tensions
At this point, the greatest danger of climate engineering may be how little is known about where countries stand on these potentially planet-altering technologies. Who is moving forward? Who is funding research? And who is being left out of the conversation?
Young climate activists in Africa struggle to be heard
As Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion inspire climate protesters across the globe, young African activists say they still struggle to make themselves heard.
Africa’s mineral wealth may just have to stay in the ground to protect a changing climate
As a result of climate change, resource extraction industries in Africa will be impacted by asset stranding, researchers said.
Climate protesters block roads in global 'rebellion'
Climate protesters from Sydney to London blocked roads on Monday, sparking arrests as they kicked off two weeks of global protests demanding immediate action to save the Earth from "extinction."
Thunberg leads climate march in Montreal
Greta Thunberg has marched alongside an estimated 500,000 people at a global climate strike demonstration in Montreal, telling protesters she did not understand why adults mock children for campaigning against global warming.
Climate summit pledges fall short, as big emitters skip 'honest appraisal'
At a UN summit on accelerating action on climate change Monday, India promised a boost in its use of renewable power and Finland said it aims to become the first industrialized nation to absorb more carbon than it emits.
China pledges new impetus in climate efforts after 2020
China will inject new impetus into climate change efforts after 2020, and use its Belt and Road initiative to boost cooperation in the fight on global warming, the government’s top diplomat, State Councilor Wang Yi, said.
5-year period ending in 2019 to be hottest on record: UN
The average global temperature between 2015-2019 is on track to be the hottest of any five-year period on record, a UN report by the world's leading climate agencies said Sunday.
Big companies commit to slash emissions ahead of UN climate summit
Almost 90 big companies in sectors from food to cement to telecommunications are pledging to slash their greenhouse gas emissions in a new campaign to steer multi-nationals towards a low-carbon future, organizers said on Sunday.
Schoolchildren hit streets in vast global climate strike
Vast crowds of children skipped school Friday to join a global strike against climate change, heeding the rallying cry of teen activist Greta Thunberg and demanding adults act to stop environmental disaster.

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