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Some reef islands resilient to climate change: Study
The Pacific's low-lying reef islands are likely to change shape in response to climate change, rather than simply sink beneath rising seas and become uninhabitable as previously assumed, new research has found.
Climate change: Arctic reindeer numbers crash by half
The population of wild reindeer, or caribou, in the Arctic has crashed by more than half in the last two decades.
World Heritage sites threatened by climate change: Study
Dozens of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Mediterranean such as Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Medieval City of Rhodes are under severe threat of coastal erosion and flooding due to rising sea levels within the next 100 years, a study has warned.
Climate change: Risk of 'tropical' distant future for NZ
New Zealand's climate could revert to a hot, tropical state if the world's emissions aren't reined in, scientists have warned.

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