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Minister: Fashion, clothing receive enough attention
The Eighth Fadjr International Fashion and Clothing Festival (February 15-21) showed that designing clothes and fashion received enough attention, said Iran's culture minister.
Iranian clothing designers: Time ripe to boost domestic production, exports
With unilateral US sanctions on Iran already in place, time is ripe for Iranian clothing designers and producers to unlock their potentials, boost domestic production and exports and dominate the country's market.
Eighth Fadjr International Fashion and Clothing Festival opens in Tehran
The Eighth Fadjr International Fashion and Clothing Festival (February 15-21) opened in a ceremony in Tehran on Friday.
Termeh Iran’s most luxurious handwoven cloth
Termeh, as the most sumptuous Iranian handwoven cloth, has for centuries manifested the artistic essence of the Iranian culture in clothing and décor.
Deep-sea animals eating plastic fibers from clothing
Far beneath the ocean waves lies the benthic zone — the cold dark region at the bottom of the sea that is home to some of the most important marine organisms, called meiofauna.
UK wet weather hurts clothing sales in June
UK retail sales have fallen in June as clothing sales were hit by the wet weather, official figures show.
Rare exquisite Persian clothing, fabrics to go on display
A host of exquisite Persian hand-woven fabrics will go on display in an art exhibition titled 'Sidar' in diplomatic hall of the ECO Cultural Institute on January 20-24.
Biggest Mideast men clothing plant opens in Tehran
The biggest Middle East industrial plant for production of men clothing was opened in the Town of Parand, Tehran Province.

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