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New window coating can lower energy bill in two ways
Material engineers in China have developed window coatings that both regulate temperature and generate electricity.
Outdoor light bulbs mass produced with Nano coating
An Iranian company has mass-produced electric light bulbs with a thin layer (Nano-layer) of hydrophobic coating suitable for outdoor use.
Smart window coating could keep cars cool
For populations living at or near the equator, heat is plentiful. If there were a way to get the visible light from the Sun, without all that excess thermal radiation, summer might be a whole lot more bearable.
Novel coating to keep drone wings ice-free
A thin coating of graphene nanoribbons in epoxy developed at Rice University has proven effective at melting ice on a helicopter blade.
Biomaterial coating raises prospect of medical implants
A novel, bacteria-repelling coating material that could increase the success of medical implants, has been created by researchers.

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