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Russia calls for immediate JCPOA joint commission meeting
Ryabkov: Low-enriched uranium not in violation of JCPOA
Commission: Germany should fully phase out coal by 2038
Germany should shut down its last coal-fired power plant by 2038 at the latest, a government-appointed commission said early on Saturday as part of a roadmap laying out an accelerated phase-out of the polluting fuel.
UK has biggest fossil fuel subsidies in the EU, finds commission
The UK leads the European Union in giving subsidies to fossil fuels, according to a report from the European commission. It found €12 billion a year in support for fossil fuels in the UK, significantly more than the €8.3 billion spent on renewable energy.
Japan to withdraw from International Whaling Commission
Japan will withdraw from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and resume commercial whaling from July, it said on Wednesday, abandoning a decades-old campaign to persuade the commission to allow it to hunt whales commercially.
European Commission analyzing German deal on refugee row
The European Commission is analyzing a German deal on migration after Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel and her rebellious interior minister reached a compromise on a refugee dispute that threatened to disintegrate her coalition government.
Joint commission of JCPOA to be held in Vienna Friday
The first Joint commission of the nuclear agreement is scheduled to be held at ministerial level in Vienna on Friday to discuss ways of maintaining the international accord after the US withdrawal.
US-led strikes killed 150 Syrian civilians in March 2017: UN
The United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Syria says at least 150 civilians lost their lives in the US-led coalition’s airstrikes on a school in the northern Syrian city of Raqqah in March 2017.
Commission urges Greece to implement smoking ban in public places
The number of smokers in Greece has decreased over the last five years, however, the non-implementation of a smoking ban in enclosed public places has irritated the public, which calls it ‘cultural degradation’.
Kenya opposition urges reform of electoral commission
Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga Sunday said the coalition he leads will hold nationwide campaigns to urge reforms of the electoral commission before the fresh presidential elections next month.
Iran-P5+1 Joint Commission meeting held in Vienna
The seventh meeting of the Iran-P5+1 Joint Commission, which monitors the implementation of the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries, has been convened in the Austrian capital of Vienna.
Iran, 5+1 meet prior to 7th JCPOA Joint Commission
A coordinating meeting was held between Iranian delegations and a number of participating delegates at the 7th JCPOA Joint Commission session who arrived in Vienna on Monday.
JCPOA parties recognizes US assurance over lifting of Iran sanctions
The Iran-P5+1 Joint Commission said the body “recognized the United States’ assurance that extension of the Iran Sanctions Act does not affect in any way the sanctions lifting Iran receives under the deal or the ability of companies to do business in Iran consistent with the JCPOA.”
P5+1 must honor Iran bans removal commitments: Joint commission
The Iran-P5+1 commission monitoring the implementation of the 2015 nuclear deal has emphasized the need for all relevant parties to honor their obligations under the accord, particularly those related to the lifting of anti-Iran sanctions.
EU: JCPOA Joint Commission to convene on January 10
A high-level commission that oversees Iran's nuclear deal with world powers will meet in Vienna on January 10 to address a complaint by Tehran about the renewing of sanctions by the United States, a statement from the EU said.
Iran, New Zealand hold cooperation commission
The Fifth New Zealand-Iran Political and Economic Cooperation Commission (PECC) chaired by deputies foreign ministers of the two counties kicked off on Wednesday in New Zealand.

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