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Indonesia’s environment ministry fails to communicate risk of air pollution
Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry has failed to communicate the risk of air pollution in the capital, Jakarta, and surrounding areas.
To communicate better with your kids, change your perspective
According to clinical psychologist Dr. Wendy Mogel, one of the keys to successful parenting lies in how you communicate.
Eyebrows allowed humans to communicate better, outlast other hominins
Why did early humans ditch the big furrowed brows of our ancestors in favor of smaller foreheads and more mobile eyebrows?
Research reveals how neurons communicate
New research at the University of Pittsburgh suggested scientists have misunderstood the neuron communication process, specifically the dopamine release mechanism.
Horses can learn to communicate with humans
Horses can be trained to communicate with humans to express their feelings and opinions, scientists have discovered.
Iranian helps develop device to communicate through light
It's like using fiber optics to communicate – only without the fiber. Imagine connecting to the Internet through the same room lights that brighten your day. A University of Virginia engineering professor and her former graduate student are already there.

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