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Repeat concussions declining in US high school sports
While concussion rates remain higher among US high school students playing football than among those playing other sports, a new study also suggests these brain injuries are becoming less common in football practices and repeat concussions are happening less often in all sports.
Laws to protect athletes’ brains do reduce concussions
To guard against the dangers of concussions, by 2014, all 50 states and the District of Columbia had enacted laws to protect young athletes. More than 2½ years after these laws went on the books, repeat concussions began to decline among high school athletes, researchers reported in the American Journal of Public Health.
Concussions may speed up onset of Alzheimer's
Could concussions speed up the mental decline of people already at risk for Alzheimer's disease?
Science catching up to media hype around concussions
The media hype around the issue of concussion in sport is "way ahead of the science", a leading doctor said at an annual National Football League (NFL) conference on Saturday.
Novel eye-tracking technology detects concussions
Research out of NYU Langone Medical Center could move the medical community one step closer toward effectively detecting concussion and quantifying its severity.
Footballers with unreported concussions experience brain damage
Using a newly-created brain imaging technique, researchers have discovered for the first time that professional football players whose mild concussions go unreported may still experience brain damage.

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