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Boosting daily nut consumption linked to less weight gain
Increasing nut consumption by just half a serving (14 g or ½ oz) a day is linked to less weight gain and a lower risk of obesity, suggests a large, long term observational study, published in the online journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health.
Researchers study impact of consumption trends on biodiverse regions
One quarter of the world's tropical land could disappear by the end of the century unless meat and dairy consumption falls, researchers have warned.
Deer meat from contaminated Quebec farm released for human consumption
Canadians are being warned about the spread of a deadly animal disease that has the potential to infect humans especially after some of the animals were released for human consumption.
Indian consumption slowing, so country looking for boost from exports
Amid falling sales in key sectors, India’s consumption-fueled growth is hitting a roadblock, spelling trouble for Asia’s third-largest economy.
Erdogan: Turkey may extend special consumption tax cuts on cars
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday his government may extend existing special consumption tax cuts on cars when they expire next month, in a move aimed at boosting declining car sales.
Daily egg consumption may reduce cardiovascular disease
People who consume an egg a day could significantly reduce their risk of cardiovascular diseases compared with eating no eggs, suggested a study carried out in China, published in the journal Heart.
Iran suffering from runaway energy consumption
Iran says the value of energy consumed nationally stands at as high as $136 billion per year, adding that this is four times higher than the average global standards.
Fatty fish consumption can give you a lively heart!
There is good news for fish lovers and those who are at a risk of having heart diseases. A study has revealed that consuming fatty fish four times a week can help prevent the risk of heart disease by increasing the amount of good cholesterol.
Coffee has more power than you ever thought: 3 cups a day helps you live longer
A new study has concluded that drinking two or three cups of coffee in a day helps you keep your liver and circulatory system healthier. It also contributes to lower levels of inflammation.
Are you eating your way to cancer? Stay wary of ultra-processed foods
Further exploration is needed, but these results suggest that the rapidly increasing consumption of ultra-processed foods “may drive an increasing burden of cancer in the next decades,” warned the researchers.
Iran's steel consumption slips 1% in latest year, output rises
Iran's consumption of finished steel in the year to March 20 stood at 19.27 million tons indicating a one-percent decline compared to the figure for a year earlier, while domestic steel production posted gains, according to Iranian Steel Producers Association.
China coal consumption falls by nearly 5 percent: Report
China has managed to reduce its coal consumption for a third straight year as the energy-hungry country struggles to reduce its dependency on the heavily polluting fuel.
Coffee consumption may counter age-related inflammation
Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have unearthed a connection between advancing age, systemic inflammation, cardiovascular disease and coffee consumption.
Life satisfaction and electricity consumption
A nation's electricity consumption has been seen as a useful proxy for measuring economic growth ― offering a useful alternative to conventional measures such as gross domestic product (GDP) by incorporating the assumption that greater consumption means a better quality of life. However, country-by-country analysis reported in International Journal of Global Energy Issues suggests that this may not necessarily be the case.

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