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When to worry about a cough that won't go away
Nobody wants to deal with coughing and hacking during the holidays. But with influenza and flu-like illness activity being on the rise this season, many of us may already be experiencing such symptoms.
Is your cough an allergy, asthma or a deadly infection
Living in India and inhaling lungfulls of polluted air every day is like being a chronic smoker, said India’s State-Level Disease Burden Initiative released earlier this month. This partly explains why many people in urban India have a persistent dry and hacking cough even if they don’t have asthma or have never smoked.
No evidence cough medicines work with one in seven patients experiencing negative side effects
There is no evidence that medicines for persistent coughs have any benefit, and one in seven patients actually experience negative side effects, a study found.
How to get rid of a chesty cough: Ditch medicine for this one ingredient hot drink remedy
Dry, tickly and mucus are just a few of the types of cough which circulate round this time of year. One of the hardest to contend with is the chesty cough.
Ebola transmission through cough possible, but not likely
The cough of very sick Ebola patients could be as dangerous as their vomit or diarrhea to those around them, a new report suggested.
Placebo treatment may quiet kids' cough
Giving young children agave nectar or a placebo treatment of flavored, colored water both appear to help reduce cough symptoms at night more than not giving any treatment, according to a new study.

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