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NASA craft lands on Mars flawlessly after perilous journey
A NASA spacecraft designed to drill down into Mars’ interior landed on the planet on Monday after a perilous, supersonic plunge through its red skies, setting off jubilation among scientists who had waited in white-knuckle suspense for confirmation to arrive across 100 million miles of space.
Decades of war shatter Afghanistan's glassblowing craft
Hunched and shriveled, Afghan glassblower Ghulam Sakhi deftly blows and twirls molten glass into delicate blue and green goblets and vases — a craft passed down for generations but now at risk of dying out.
NASA's Orion craft perfectly touches down during final test before Moon
Practice makes perfect, especially for spacecraft. NASA's Orion space capsule is no different.
Nickel silver craft: Traditional art in western Iran
The art of making beautiful crafts using nickel silver is among the oldest traditions in western province of Lorestan.
CRAFT program helps families assist addicts seek treatment
A family-focused approach that supports families as they help a person get the treatment they need is proving to be successful, said a clinical psychologist at the provincial addiction treatment facility in Mount Herbert, P.E.I.

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