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Begging is not a crime, a New Delhi court rules
A court in New Delhi has struck down a law that made begging in the Indian capital a crime, a major victory for campaigners who have long argued that the legislation was being used to harass and intimidate the homeless and the poor.
Knife crime in London at record highs
Knife crime in the UK stands at record highs at over 40,000 offences in the last year, with London being at the epicenter of the violence.
Motorcyclists banned from wearing hoodies as Uganda gets tough on crime
Uganda’s president has banned motorcycle drivers from wearing hoodies in an attempt to tackle rising crime rates in the country.
Leader: US, UK, French attack on Syria ‘a crime’
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has condemned joint airstrikes by the US, the UK and France on Syria as “crime,” describing the leaders of the three Western states as “criminals.”
Normalizing ties with Israel unforgivable crime: Hamas
Normalizing relations with the Occupying Regime of Israel is an Israeli-American plot against the Holy Quds and Palestinian refugees which aims at covering the Zionist regime's unforgivable crimes, said crimes Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).
State of emergency declared in Jamaica city amid crime wave
Jamaica has declared a state of emergency in the island's second city Montego Bay, where authorities are battling to stem a wave of killings.
US validates crime of electoral fraud in Honduras: Opposition leaders
Honduran opposition leaders have strongly denounced the United States for recognizing President Juan Orlando Hernández as winner of a widely disputed election.
Abuse of Rohingya women, girls may be war crime: UN
The United Nations (UN) says widespread atrocities perpetrated by Myanmar’s army against Rohingya Muslim women and girls may constitute war crimes.
Poverty of aging Japanese population fueling ‘silver crime’ wave
Nearly one in four elderly Japanese convicts is reoffending and ending up back behind bars within two years of being released, according to new government figures.
How it became a crime to be poor in America
In the United States, a system of modern peonage — essentially, a government-run loan shark operation — has been going on for years. Beginning in the 1990s, the country adopted a set of criminal justice strategies that punish poor people for their poverty. Right now in America, 10 million people, representing two-thirds of all current and former offenders in the country, owe governments a total of $50 billion in accumulated fines, fees and other impositions.
China cracks down on cultural heritage crime
China's market regulator and cultural relics administration started a joint campaign to fight cultural heritage crime.
When crime drops, demands on the police don’t necessarily fall
On a day-to-day basis, the exposure citizens have to the police in the UK is often fleeting, with officers passing by in a blur as they respond to emergency calls. Official crime figures can be disputed, but the long-term trend appears to be that levels of crime in England and Wales are heading downward. Yet it is a myth to think that an apparent drop in crime relieves some of the pressures placed on police forces.
Iran reserves right to respond to terrorist crime against border guards: Dehqan
Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan says the Islamic Republic reserves the right to give a crushing response to the recent terrorist crime against Iranian border guards serving on the country’s southeastern frontier.
Teenagers charged with hate crime for burning Trump’s ‘make America great again’ sign
Two teenagers from the Maryland state were charged with hate crime for burning a US President Donald Trump sign.
Suspect in Stockholm truck attack admits terrorist crime
A failed asylum-seeker accused of ramming a truck into a Stockholm crowd last week, killing four people, has confessed to committing a terrorist crime, his lawyer said on Tuesday.

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