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Heating woes fuel Balkan smog crisis
As winter grips the Balkans, the poor are caught in a cruel bind, being forced to light fires at home for heating while fueling a pollution crisis smothering the region.
China: Unilateral US withdrawal from JCPOA root cause of crisis
China says the United States’ unilateral withdrawal from Iran’s landmark 2015 nuclear deal with six world powers, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), is the root cause of growing tensions.
British establishment wary of post-Brexit crisis in NI
As we head into the New Year, there appears to be no realistic breakthrough to Northern Ireland’s long-running political crisis.
2019: A disastrous year for Trump’s foreign policy
Twenty-nineteen could best be described as a year when Donald Trump’s foreign policy unraveled on so many fronts. It became ever more erratic, one-sided and personalized, changing with the US president’s mood swings. The crisis, as many would call it, has been a long time in the making, and the implications will surely cast a long shadow over the new decade.
Efforts underway to tackle Lebanon’s financial crisis: Central bank governor
The governor of the central bank of Lebanon, officially known as Banque du Liban, says efforts are underway to tackle the worsening financial crisis that has caused several businesses to close and many people to lose their jobs amid growing fears about the country's economic future.
Boeing fires CEO Muilenburg as 737 MAX crisis deepens
US aerospace company Boeing has fired Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg, following a year of intense scrutiny and industrial setbacks set off by twin fatal crashes of its 737 MAX jetliner.
Ayatollah Sistani demands early elections to end crisis in Iraq
Iraq’s prominent Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has called for early elections in order to put an end to a months-long political paralysis in the country, saying that a new government should be formed soon.
Iraq's top cleric says early election only way out of crisis
US, Israel orchestrating violent attacks in Iraq: Official
Converting coal plants to biomass could fuel climate crisis, scientists warn
Plans to shift Europe’s coal plants, including the giant Drax complex in North Yorkshire, to burn wood pellets instead could accelerate rather than combat climate crisis and lay waste to forests equal to half the size of Germany’s Black Forest per year, according to campaigners.
Thai air pollution crisis spiraling out of control
Leading academics say the Thai government is simply not equipped to prevent the air pollution crisis “spinning out of control”.
Protesters block roads in Beirut, other areas of Lebanon
Protesters blocked roads in Beirut and other parts of Lebanon on Monday, pressing a wave of anti-government demonstrations that have plunged the country into political turmoil at a time of economic crisis.
Climate crisis affects how majority will vote in UK election: Poll
A majority of people in the UK say the climate crisis will influence how they vote in the looming general election, according to an opinion poll, with younger voters feeling particularly strongly about the issue.
Boeing profits fall by more than half as 737 Max crisis looms
Boeing’s profits more than halved in the last three months as the company struggled to recover from two fatal crashes of its top-selling 737 Max aircraft and current trade disputes took their toll.
Survey: Most Americans blame Trump for crisis with Iran
A survey conducted for the Brookings Institution found that most Americans believe the Trump administration’s decisions to renege on the Iran nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions were responsible for the flare-up in tensions between Iran and the US this year.
Lawsuits accuse drugmakers, distributors of fueling US opioid crisis
Leading US pharmaceutical companies go on trial Monday charged with stoking the opioid epidemic that has ravaged American communities and left hundreds of thousands dead or overdosed across the country.

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