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Tons of crops left to rot as UK farms struggle to recruit EU workers
Thousands of tons of fruit and vegetables are being left to rot in UK fields because of a shortage of pickers and packers in the face of continuing Brexit uncertainty.
Crops under solar panels can be a win-win
Solar panels might seem like they’re in direct competition with plants. One is catching sunlight to do photosynthesis, the other wants to take it to push electrons. Surely Highlander rules apply, and there can be only one on a plot of land, right?
India's PM calls for water conservation push as drought hits crops
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday pushed for greater grassroots water conservation efforts amid concerns weak monsoon rains would push millions of drought-hit people to the edge and hammer agricultural production in Asia’s third-biggest economy.
Grow faster, grow stronger: Speed-breeding crops to feed the future
Farmers and plant breeders are in a race against time. The world population is growing rapidly, requiring ever more food, but the amount of cultivable land is limited. Warmer temperatures have extended growth seasons in some areas — and brought drought and pests to others.
How climate change affects crops in India
Kyle Davis is an environmental data scientist whose research seeks to increase food supplies in developing countries.
Climate change could mean more bugs and bad things for world's crops
A new study published in the journal Science suggests that as the world warms due to human-caused climate change, more and more bugs will populate the globe.
Solar greenhouses generate electricity and grow crops at the same time (Video)
The first crops of tomatoes and cucumbers grown inside electricity-generating solar greenhouses were as healthy as those raised in conventional greenhouses, signaling that ‘smart’ greenhouses hold great promise for dual-use farming and renewable electricity production.
India's quest for water hampered by thirsty crops
Pleas by local officials for farmers to switch from rice to oilseeds and pulses and protect dangerously low water levels are falling on deaf ears, and may be further undermined by government policies encouraging cultivation of thirsty crops.
Fake pesticides endanger crops, human health in India
Millions of unsuspecting Indian farmers are spraying fake pesticides onto their fields, contaminating soil, cutting crop yields and putting both food security and human health at risk in the country of 1.25 billion people.
Farmers should apply wait period after rain or irrigation
To protect consumers from foodborne illness, produce farmers should wait 24 hours after a rain or irrigating their fields to harvest crops, according to new research.
GM crops growing in Iran amid lax laws
Iran imports $5 billion of genetically modified crops a year despite government restrictions on the production of biotech products, local media said on Monday.

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