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Iranian researchers make wound-healing gel from crustaceans
An Iranian knowledge-based firm has produced a wound healing gel, the main ingredient of which is taken from crustaceans.
Feeling crabby: Plant-eating dinosaurs snacked on crustaceans
Some plant-eating dinosaurs apparently liked a side order of crabs to go with their usual salad.
Ceramics encrusted with crustaceans
Imagine if you took your favorite ceramic piece, be it a teapot, a pitcher or a tureen, and dropped it into the depths of the ocean. Envision, if you would, an alternate reality where, instead of rotting and melting away, said discarded dishware become an unlikely host for barnacles and crustaceans to settle and colonize. The crisp white glaze of the pottery is slowly swallowed up by the wild particulars of aquatic life, The Huffington Post wrote.

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