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Iran to promote book reading culture
Iran will promote the culture of book reading by organizing several cultural programs in cities throughout the country at the 26th Iran Book Week which opens today and will run until November 22.
WTO: Iran known for hospitality
Iran is known worldwide for its hospitality, observed UN World Tourism Organization secretary general noting that in the field of tourism, hospitality is more important than culture, traditions and architecture.
Minister: Iran's culture, civilization have no border
Iran's Culture Minister Abbas Salehi urged US politicians to come to realize that Iranian culture, art and civilization have no border and cannot be isolated.
Iran attends 2018 OBOR Journalists' Forum in China
Iran participated in the 2018 Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road that opened on the fifth anniversary of the launch of China's One Belt and One Road (OBOR) on Tuesday in Bo'ao, a town in Hainan Province.
Iran, Japan to conduct joint research on handicrafts
Iran and Japan will launch a joint research project in the handicrafts sector, announced the deputy head of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicraft, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) on Tuesday.
Iran pays tribute to Persian poet Hafez
Experts from Iran and other countries gathered to pay tribute to the great Persian poet Khwaja Shams-ud-Din Mohammad Hafez Shirazi on Hafez National Day, which was observed on Friday.
Cultural official: Countries seek to launch permanent museums in Iran
A number of countries requested to let them launch permanent museums in Iran, said the deputy director of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization's (ICHHTO).
‘Iran’ magazine published in Japanese
The magazine titled ‘Iran’ was compiled and published in Japanese in Tokyo to mark the country’s culture and civilization, IRNA reported.
Official: Beijing eager to boost cultural ties with Tehran
China is ready to expand cultural and tourism ties with Iran, said the spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Wednesday.
4 in 10 Brits despise migration impacts: Poll
A new study carried out in the United Kingdom shows that almost half of Britons have a general dislike for migrants and their impact on the culture.
Minister: Music inseparable part of Iranian identity
Music is a sustainable and inseparable part of Iranian identity and in Iran's thousand-year history, Iran did not live without music, said Iran's culture minister.
Official: Tehran Int’l Short Film Festival to host 30 countries
The 35th Tehran International Short Film Festival will host 30 countries in November, reported the Cinema Press agency Wednesday.
Singapore calls for increased museum cooperation with Iran
Singapore seeks increased cooperation with Iran in the domain of museums, said the country's ambassador to Iran.
Minister: Media plays significant role in ethnic convergence, national unity, amity
Media plays an important role in ethnic convergence and consolidation of national unity, said Iran's culture minister about his recent visit to the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan.
Minister: Sistan-Baluchestan plays key role in protecting Iran's culture
Iran's border provinces in general and Sistan-Baluchestan in particular play a substantial role in protecting Iran's culture and conveying it to other countries, Iran's culture minister said.

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