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Japan approves extension for reactor damaged in 2011 quake, tsunami
Japan’s nuclear regulator has approved an operations extension for a 40-year-old reactor near Tokyo that was damaged in the same earthquake and tsunami that sparked the Fukushima disaster nearly eight years ago, a move likely to be controversial.
Selfie attempt results in damage to artwork by Salvador Dali and Francisco Goya
A picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a selfie?
Mercury can cause brain damage in kids
The US administration is reportedly taking steps to significantly weaken the 2011 Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS) rule.
String of disasters exacts heavy damage, human toll in Asia
A recent string of natural disasters, the latest a deadly earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia, have exacted a severe toll both in economic damage and human lives throughout Asia.
Sleep in your contacts, risk serious eye damage: CDC
A 59-year-old man was in the shower, wiping his eyes with a towel, when he heard a popping sound and felt pain shoot through his left eye.
Vaping 'can damage vital immune system cells'
Vaping can damage vital immune system cells and may be more harmful than previously thought, a study suggested.
Cardiac arrest resuscitation drug has needlessly brain-damaged thousands
The main drug used to resuscitate cardiac arrest victims has needlessly left thousands of people with brain damage, according to a major new trial.
UK Universities concerned about the reputational damage
Universities in the UK which are forced to lower grades for less well-off students have complained that they will plummet down league tables as a result.
New blood test to detect liver damage in under an hour
A quick and robust blood test that can detect liver damage before symptoms appear has been designed and verified using clinical samples by a team from UCL and University of Massachusetts.
Shotgun pellets cause 'irreversible damage' in Kashmir
A number of recent empirical studies say thousands of people in Indian-controlled Kashmir have fallen victim to pellet weapons used by security forces over the past few years, Press TV reports.
Babies with normal head size might still have Zika-linked brain damage
Fetal brain damage caused by the Zika virus can go undetected in pregnancy and can occur even if a baby's head size is normal, research in monkeys suggested.
5.1-magnitude quake in southwest Iran causes no damage
The 5.1-magnitude earthquake which hit the village of Hojdak near the city of Ravar in southwestern province of Kerman late on Wednesday caused no damage to life and property.
China to roll out nationwide scheme to make polluters repair damage
China plans to roll out nationwide by 2020 a system that forces polluters to repair damage to the environment or pay compensation, the official Xinhua news agency reported late on Sunday.
Irma, Maria cause 2bn euros damage on French islands
Hurricanes Irma and Maria caused some 2 billion euros ($2.4 billion) in damage on the French islands of St Martin and Guadeloupe as they ravaged the Caribbean in September, French officials said Tuesday.
Immune system's response to Zika may cause nerve damage
Nerve-related complications of Zika infection may be caused by the immune system's response to the virus, not the virus itself, according to a new study.

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