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'Dangerous complacency' to global HIV epidemic risks resurgence
A ‘dangerous complacency’ in the response to the global HIV pandemic is risking a resurgence of the disease, according to a report.
When neighborhoods become dangerous, look to local strengths for a lifeline
*By Sebastien Darchen, Gwendal Simon & Sonia Roitman
Dangerous social media challenges could leave behind lifelong injuries
Dangerous challenges on social media are becoming much more common among teens.
More than 95% of world's population breathe dangerous air
More than 95 percent of the world’s population breathe unsafe air and the burden is falling hardest on the poorest communities, with the gap between the most polluted and least polluted countries rising rapidly, a comprehensive study of global air pollution found.
Trump 'vile', 'dangerous for America': US ex-ambassador
US President Donald Trump is a dangerous person for the United States, said the former ambassador of US to Iraq.
Researchers develop transparent patch to detect dangerous food threats
Is that meat still good? Are you sure? Researchers from McMaster University have developed a test to bring certainty to the delicate but critical question of whether meat and other foods are safe to eat or need to be thrown out.
New US teen habit dangerous as smoking a pack a day
JUULing is a dangerous form of vaping sweeping through high school hallways and bathrooms across the US. Research from Truth Initiative shows that 25 percent of 15- to–24-year-old JUUL users do not identify their behavior as vaping, instead referring to it as ‘JUULing’.
Global warming could cause dangerous increases in humidity
Climate scientists often warn that rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere will cause an increase in the number and intensity of heat waves in many regions of the world.
Bone fracture warning:  Five signs you suffer from dangerous muscle decline (video)
Bone fractures are more likely in people with sarcopenia — a condition characterized by loss of muscle and strength.
Trump recklessly making the world more dangerous: Labour leader
US President Donald Trump has made the world a more dangerous place “by recklessly escalating the confrontation” with North Korea and Syria, Jeremy Corbyn has said.
Energy drinks more dangerous than caffeine alone
Energy drinks have a greater impact on health than consuming caffeine by other means, a new study found.
Former CIA official dubs Pakistan ‘most dangerous country’ for the world
Pakistan is probably the “most dangerous country” for the world, a former CIA official has said, citing the potential dangers emanating from its failing economy, rampant terrorism and one of fastest growing nuclear arsenal.
Many people don’t know what makes smoking dangerous
Most Americans don't grasp that the chemicals produced by burning a cigarette are more harmful than the manufacturer's additives that cigarette also contains, and many mistakenly believe filters can protect them from breathing toxic fumes, a recent study suggested.
Saudi abuse of sanctities very dangerous: Iran
Iran says Saudi Arabia is spreading lies and exploiting Islamic sanctities for its own political goals after Riyadh claimed, in an allegation later dismissed, that a ballistic missile by the Yemeni army forces and allied fighters had targeted the holy Saudi city of Mecca.
US-Russia tensions reach ‘dangerous threshold’: Gorbachev
Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev has warned that the world has reached a “dangerous threshold” as tensions between Russia and the United States rise over the Syria crisis.

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