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3 Shia Bahraini clerics sentenced to death, 8 others to life imprisonment
Bahraini regime officials have handed down death sentences to three Shia clergymen and condemned eight others to life imprisonment as the ruling Al Khalifah regime continues with its repressive measures and heavy-handed crackdown on members of the religious community.
Penka escapes death sentence after international outcry
Bulgaria agreed on Monday to spare the life of Penka the cow after plans to kill her for crossing European Union borders without paperwork triggered an international outcry.
Iraqi civilian death toll has reportedly dropped by 80 percent
Two reports have suggested that civilian death toll from violence in Iraq has dropped significantly this year, a sign the country is emerging from years of militant-led bloodshed.
Why are deaths among US kids, teens on the rise?
A perfect storm of murder, addiction and carelessness has fueled a recent and troubling increase in deaths among US children and teens, a new government report showed.
Cyclone death toll in Oman, Yemen rises to 11
The death toll from a cyclone that battered southern Oman and the Yemeni island of Socotra has reached 11, while eight sailors are still missing, authorities said.
New death case confirmed of Ebola in DRC
A new death of a confirmed case of Ebola was reported in the Bikoro Health Zone in Equateur province, southwest of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), according to the Ministry of Health.
Nipah virus: Fourth member of Kerala family succumbs, toll touches 12
Nipah virus claimed Valachekutti Moosa early on Thursday weeks after his two sons and brother’s wife succumbed in Kerala.
High levels of workplace exercise linked to early death
Men with highly physical jobs appear to have a significantly higher risk of early death compared with men who have largely inactive jobs, suggested a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
Palestinians mark Nakba after Gaza massacre
Palestinians held Tuesday fresh protests along the Gaza fence, a day after Israeli forces killed dozens there as the US Embassy opened in Al-Quds on what was the conflict's bloodiest day in years.
Eight Daesh terrorists sentenced to death over Tehran attack
A court in Tehran issued death sentences for eight Daesh terrorists over their role in an attack that killed 17 people in Taehran last year.
2 miners dead, 3 missing after quake at Polish coal mine
Rescue teams have confirmed the death of a second Polish coal miner and are searching for three more trapped nearly a kilometer underground after a quake, the chief executive of the mine owner said.
Pakistan's army chief signs death sentences for 11 Taliban militants
Pakistan's army chief has confirmed the death sentence for 11 militants after military courts found them guilty of carrying out multiple deadly attacks against security forces as well as civilians.
Brotherhood leader sentenced to death in Egypt appeals court
The Court of Cassation in Egypt has upheld a life sentence given to the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leader Mohammed Badie, convicting him of “planning violent attacks”.
Hit the bed early every night. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will die soon
You should not stay awake late in the night. According to a new study, night owls, or those who stay up late, are at a greater risk of dying with diabetes or psychological and neurological disorders.
Death of loved one during pregnancy may impact mental health of child
Grieving the death of a loved one can affect an entire family, including babies. In fact, losing a relative during pregnancy may impact the mental health of a child later in life, according to a new report.

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