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China virus deaths rise to 17, heightening global alarm
Deaths from China's new flu-like virus rose to 17 on Wednesday, heightening global fears of contagion from an infection suspected to have come from animals.
Charity brands number of UK prison deaths 'national scandal'
The death toll in British prisons is "a national scandal", a pressure group said on Wednesday, calling for a reduction in inmate numbers just as the government is promising tougher sentences.
Deaths of 4,600 NHS patients linked to safety incidents
Safety incidents at hospital, mental health and ambulance trusts were linked to more than 4,600 patient deaths in the last year, data showed.
Cutting air pollution ‘can prevent deaths within weeks’
Cutting air pollution can prevent deaths within weeks, according to scientists. They found the health benefits of clean air were “almost immediate and substantial” and stretched into the long term, saving billions of dollars.
Several killed in Iraq amid ongoing protests
Reports of clashes in Baghdad and southern Iraq indicate that at least seven people were killed and dozens wounded in the latest spate of protests against economic hardships and corruption, police and medical sources said Sunday.
From Alaska to Australia, anxious observers fear mass shearwater deaths
The carcasses began to arrive in July. Residents around the Bristol Bay area of Alaska found thousands of dead short-tailed shearwaters washing up on remote beaches, and sent samples to Anchorage.
Mongolia's new 'cleaner' fuel linked to deaths, illness
One cold night in October, Gerel Ganbaatar decided to stay with her parents in one of Mongolia's traditional ger communities on the outskirts of the capital — a decision which would prove fatal.
At least 10 drug overdose deaths in 26-hour period in one Ohio county
Medical officials say at least 10 people died in only 26 hours from drug overdoses in one county in Ohio, one of the hardest-hit states by Ameria's growing opioid and fentanyl epidemics.
Heatwave caused nearly 3,000 deaths in Netherlands in a week: Stats agency
Almost 400 people more died in the Netherlands during Europe’s recent record-breaking heatwave than in a regular summer week, Dutch national statistics agency CBS said on Friday.
Philippines declares national dengue epidemic after 622 deaths
A national dengue epidemic has been declared in the Philippines, where 622 people have died of the mosquito-borne disease since January and millions more are at risk.
Starvation deaths of 200 reindeer in Arctic caused by climate change, say researchers
About 200 reindeer have been found dead from starvation in the Arctic archipelago Svalbard, an unusually high number, the Norwegian Polar Institute has said, pointing the finger at climate change.
Scorching temps blamed for several deaths in US
A dangerous heat wave that has seared more than 200 million Americans from the Central US to the East Coast over the weekend is about to come to an end, after being linked to several deaths, and causing roads to buckle and forcing events to be canceled.
Three more deaths confirmed on overcrowded Everest
Three more climbers died on Everest, expedition organizers and officials said Friday, taking the toll from a deadly week on the overcrowded world's highest peak to seven.
Heart disease deaths in middle-aged women on the rise in the US
Death rates from heart disease are rising for middle-aged adults — white women, in particular — according to a report released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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