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Dementia risk factors not known by half of UK population
Half of UK adults cannot identify any key risk factors for dementia, according to a study by Alzheimer's Research UK.
How music helps connect people living with dementia
When Eileen Pegg developed dementia in 2015, she became very anxious and easily agitated.
How to make your home dementia friendly and provide comfortable care
Dementia can make daily activities and even simple tasks challenging, so the right kind of care is paramount. Here’s how to make you or your loved one’s home dementia friendly.
Antidepressants could stave off dementia
People with a diagnosis of dementia can also face depression. For this reason, they may end up taking antidepressant drugs. Now, a study has found that these drugs may be able to treat not just depression, but dementia itself.
Diabetes, dementia can be deadly combination
The risk of death from dangerously low blood sugar is much higher among seniors who have both diabetes and dementia than those with diabetes alone, a new study finds.
Stroke doubles dementia risk, concludes large-scale study
People who have had a stroke are around twice as likely to develop dementia, according to the largest study of its kind ever conducted.
Don’t ignore dizziness when standing up, you may be at risk of dementia
A new study says that people who feel dizzy or lightheaded when standing up, caused by the sudden drop in blood pressure, may be at greater risk of developing dementia or stroke decades later.
Better dementia detection is urged
Too few people with signs of mental decline or dementia are getting checked during routine medical visits or told when a problem is found, said a panel of Alzheimer's disease experts who offered new guidance.
Ten common signs of vascular dementia
Vascular dementia symptoms can be similar to Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. These are the common signs of vascular dementia you should be aware of — are you at risk?
Nearly 60,000 Japanese drivers showed signs of dementia
Almost 60,000 older drivers in Japan showed signs of dementia, according to a new report, underlining the country’s struggle to address the rising number of people living with the condition.
Get proper sleep if you want to cut down on risk of dementia
In a recent study, those who slept less were found to be at an increased risk of developing dementia and dying.
Even mild concussion tied to greater dementia risk later
Concussions, even those that are mild, more than double the risk for developing dementia down the road, new research suggested.
Mid-life stresses linked to higher late-life risk for dementia
Anxiety during middle age might signal impending dementia, a new analysis suggested.
Fewer dementia patients die after surgery when nurses more educated
Patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia may be less likely to die after surgery when they’re treated at hospitals that employ a larger proportion of nurses with at least a college degree, a US study suggested.

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