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Incan burial site found in desert valley in Peru
Mummified corpses of Inca nobility, still clad in finely woven robes, have been unearthed in one of Peru's largest burial sites.
Haj-Aqa Ali House, historic masterpiece in heart of desert
Haj-Aqa Ali House is a historic house located six kilometers away from Rafsanjan in southern province of Kerman.
Earth becoming a desert without climate deal
Climate researchers are warning that a large chunk of the globe could become a desert if the goals of the Paris climate change accord are not met.
Yazd, a paradise in desert
By Mohammad Hassan Bayegan
How ants find their way in desert
How do animals navigate featureless landscapes like a desert? To find out, researchers decided to study one of the most efficient navigators in the natural world, the desert ant.
Yazd, a paradise in desert
By Mohammad-Hassan Bayegan
Ice cold in the desert
In the Zardkouh, a 4,200m-high mountain range bordering the western flank of Iran's vast central deserts, hides one of the Islamic Republic's most unexpected geographical finds: On the edge of the hot desert is a series of sub-tropical glaciers.
'Son of Desert' to trek Iranian central desert in 2017
Italian famous desert-trotter Max Calderan decided to come to Iran in 2017 and explore the road not taken by any human being in the history of the desert to cover on foot the central desert of Iran which stretches 400km north-south.
Dinosaur nail identified in Lut Desert
A fossil has been identified in Lut Desert in South Khorasan Province. Field surveys indicate that it is a nail of a dinosaur. The fossil was identified two months ago by geologists and mine explorers.
Iranian artist Kalantari passes away at 85
Iranian painter, illustrator, miniaturist and author Parviz Kalantari, who is famous for his desert painting, died on Friday.
Turning desert land into a tourism complex
Abbas Sharifi has managed to turn a desert land in Saryazd Village in Mehriz, central province of Yazd, into a green garden. The 47-year-old entrepreneur has also created jobs for 50 people, Persian daily Iran wrote.
Lut Desert up for global registration
By Fatemeh Shokri & Leila Imani
Wonders of Lut Desert
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