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Designer diamonds could one day help build quantum Internet
A new kind of artificial diamond is a cut above the rest for quantum memory.
Malian designer repurposes recycled materials into 'everyday objects'
Malian designer Cheick Diallo uses recycled materials and local craftsmanship to create unique, contemporary pieces of furniture that are exhibited both in Africa and in the West. France 24 met him in the Malian capital Bamako.
Designer nanoparticles destroy a broad array of viruses
Viral infections kill millions of people worldwide every year, but currently available antiviral drugs are limited in that they mostly act against one or a small handful of related viruses.
'Jumpthegap' top award goes to Iranian architectural designer
Iranian architectural designer Mohammadreza Shahmohammadi ranked first in the professional section of Spanish festival 'Jumpthegap'.
Designer biosensor can detect antibiotic production by microbes
Researchers from North Carolina (NC) State University have engineered designer biosensors that can detect antibiotic molecules of interest.

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