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Alone in Greece, refugee, migrant minors fighting against despair
At the notoriously overcrowded Greek island camp of Moria, Ezzatolah Soleimani admits he cries often amid despair, scenes of violence and interminable waits for food and basic sanitation.
Pity for Draghi mounts in despair at Europe’s inaction on growth
Economists gathered at an epicenter of Europe’s slowdown said there’s increasing urgency for political action to foster growth and shift the burden from the region’s monetary officials.
Central American immigrants fleeing the economic despair caused by US corporations: Analyst
Central American immigrants are fleeing the economic despair in their home countries caused by US multinational corporations, according to Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist.
Optimism trumps despair at climate summit
Mayors, governors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and celebrities delivered a double-edged message on Friday at the close of a climate summit in San Francisco: Global warming is making the planet unlivable — but we know how to fix it.
When despair becomes a way of life
By Jane Louise Kandur*
Despair as crippling drought hammers Australian farmers
A crippling drought is ravaging vast tracts of Australia's pastoral heartlands, decimating herds and putting desperate farmers under intense financial and emotional strain, with little relief in sight.
Mountains of garbage, despair in India's dirtiest city (video)
Flies throng over piles of feces, the drains overflow with sewage and the foul smell in the air is inescapable.

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