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Smiley face detected: Turks' emoji habits
We use smiling face, weeping human and angry face emojis to support our feelings while texting or sending a message on a chat application. We try to support the meaning and importance of special days with various emojis, as well.
Hydrogen bonds directly detected
For the first time, scientists have succeeded in studying the strength of hydrogen bonds in a single molecule using an atomic force microscope.
Pulsations detected in hot, helium-atmosphere white dwarf
Astronomers have recently discovered non-radial oscillations in a hot, helium-atmosphere white dwarf designated PG 0112+104.
Ammonia detected in Earth's atmosphere for first time
In an unexpected first, researchers have discovered ammonia in Earth's lowest atmospheric layer, a new study said.
More fast radio bursts detected from same space location
A chatty source of radio waves from deep space has a little more to say. Six more blasts of radio energy, each lasting just a few milliseconds, erupted from some phenomenon outside of our galaxy, researchers said.
Iron 'jet stream' detected in Earth's outer core
Scientists said they have identified a remarkable new feature in Earth’s molten outer core.
Ammonia detected in upper troposphere for the first time
For the first time, trace amounts of ammonia — a chemical compound of nitrogen and hydrogen — have been measured in the upper troposphere, the lowest of Earth's atmospheric layers.
Parkinson's could potentially be detected by eye test
Researchers may have discovered a method of detecting changes in the eye which could identify Parkinson's disease before its symptoms develop.
Large-scale motion detected near San Andreas Fault System
Analysis of GPS data has revealed new areas of motion around the San Andreas Fault System.
New nuclear leak detected at Japan Fukushima plant
The operator of the Japanese tsunami-hit Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant says sensors have detected a new leak of highly radioactive water into the sea.

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