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Newly developed approach efficiently assesses carcinogenicity of chemicals
Researchers from Boston University Schools of Medicine (BUSM) and Public Health have developed and evaluated a fast, accurate and cost-effective approach to assessing the carcinogenicity of chemicals — that is, whether exposure to a chemical increases a person's long-term cancer risk.
New laser technology developed by Scottish scientists
A new laser technology which can identify unknown white powders has been developed by Scottish scientists.
UK one of the worst for life expectancy rises among developed countries
The UK has experienced one of the largest slowdowns in life expectancy growth among 20 of the world’s leading economies, according to official figures by Britain’s Office for National Statistics (ONS).
Liver cancer big threat to US, other developed nations
Liver cancer cases in several developed countries have doubled in the past 25 years, due to the continuing obesity epidemic and a spike in hepatitis infections, new research suggested.
New technique developed to turn carbon dioxide waste into fuel
Scientists working for the US Department of Energy have found an efficient way to turn waste carbon dioxide into fuel.
New noninvasive way to monitor intracranial pressure developed
German researchers have developed a new method to monitor intracranial pressure in a noninvasive way that may replace the current invasive method.
Advanced prosthetic arms developed by Pentagon set for sale
Fred Downs, a 72-year-old Vietnam war veteran, remembers fighting back tears when he regained the ability to pick up objects with his left arm after a gap of 40 years.
Human tissue model developed to test colon cancer drugs
The first-ever ‘disease in a Petri dish’ platform that models human colon cancer derived from stem cells has been developed by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators, allowing them to identify a targeted drug treatment for a common, inherited form of the disease.
Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world
Lawmakers in Texas, the US, largely failed to take any significant action to address the state's skyrocketing rate of pregnancy-related deaths just months after researchers found it to be the highest in not only the US, but the developed world.
Technique developed for turning Mars or Moon rocks into concrete
Civil engineers at Stanford University have worked with colleagues at NASA to develop a form of concrete that humans could produce on Mars or Moon.
World's first synthetic, soft tissue retina developed by research student
Vanessa Restrepo-Schild, a student and researcher at Oxford University, has developed the world's first synthetic, soft tissue retina. Until now, artificial retinas have only been made from hard, rigid materials.
Pakistan-China jointly developed JF-17B Thunder jet takes maiden test flight
A modified version of the lightweight JF-17 warplane, jointly manufactured by Pakistan and China, has taken its maiden flight, the Pakistani military says.
Robots being developed like a human child
Researchers are developing an artificially intelligent robot which will have a ‘brain’ and will learn like a human child.
New approach developed for diagnosing COPD
Primary care clinicians may soon be able to provide an early diagnosis for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, using a new method.
New nanofibers developed for treating damaged skin
Iranian researchers at Payame Noor University in Tabriz have developed a multicomponent nanofiber at laboratorial scale that can repair damaged skin, bone and neural tissues.

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