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Fake, low-quality medicines prevalent in the developing world
A new study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that substandard and falsified medicines, including medicines to treat malaria, are a serious problem in much of the world.
Do this mind exercise daily to prevent Dementia developing
Dementia signs and symptoms can affect people in different ways depending on which part of the brain has been affected, but what is the life expectancy once you’ve been diagnosed with the disease? There is no cure for the disease but there are ways of preventing it — one being a mind exercise.
More than 700 million workers in poverty in emerging and developing countries
There were more than 700 million workers living in poverty in emerging and developing countries who were unable to lift themselves above the USD 3.10 per person daily threshold in 2017, the International Labor Organization has said.
Developing nations to study ways to dim sunshine, slow warming
Scientists in developing nations plan to step up research into dimming sunshine to curb climate change, hoping to judge if a man-made chemical sunshade would be less risky than a harmful rise in global temperatures.
Team develops 3D tissue model of developing human heart
The heart is the first organ to develop in the womb and the first cause of concern for many parents.
Iran eyes developing regional power grid network: Ministry
Iran is in pursuit of creating an electric power transmission network in the region, Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Alireza Daemi said on Wednesday.
Study examines differences in youths' developing gender identity
The extent to which youths feel typical of their gender and the pressure they feel to conform to traditional gender roles are related to adolescents' well-being.
Women and Malnutrition in Africa
Undernutrition is widespread and a key reason for poor child health in many developing countries. In Sub-Saharan Africa, around 40 percent of children under the age of five suffer from stunted growth, that is, severely reduced height-for-age relative to their growth potential.
Women in developing nations get less eye care than men
Women in developing nations suffer from eye disease, but often for different reasons than those in the developed world.
Even healthy people at risk of developing heart disease
Healthy people who consume high levels of sugar are at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
Scientists developing robots to work in nuclear facilities
A new crop of robots are being prepared to do a job too dangers for humans — cleaning up and decommissioning aging nuclear facilities.
Developing rehabilitation services crucial
Tehran Province ranks ninth in the country in terms of elderly population, said director general of Tehran’s State Welfare Department.
Developing countries share philosophies  of sustainable development
Countries of the Global South, also known as developing countries, share many principles in common when it comes to implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Test could speed tuberculosis diagnosis in developing nations
The standard test for tuberculosis is well over 100 years old, and can be slow and difficult in remote locations, but researchers working to improve the test may have an easier way.

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