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Fish oil supplement in pregnancy improves child’s muscle and bone development
Children whose mothers take fish oil supplements during pregnancy have more muscle and stronger bones in early childhood, a new trial has found.
Back-and-forth' conversations with young kids may aid brain development
For decades, doctors have told parents to talk to kids as often as possible to help build speech and language skills. Now, a new study suggested that how parents talk to children may matter just as much as how much time they spend talking.
Baby talk helps language development
Baby talk may sound silly, but it speeds infants' language development, a new study suggested.
Iran unveils online privacy bill in major move toward digital development
Iran has unveiled a bill which would be meant to protect the personal data of its citizens on the Internet in a move which is largely believed to help expedite the country’s digital development.
Bulgarian envoy: Hamedan 2018, on right path to developing tourism
Hamedan is on the right path to developing its tourism industry and needs to make further attempts to look more attractive to other nations, said the Bulgarian ambassador to Iran.
Eurozone house prices rise at fastest rate in 11 years
Eurozone house prices rose at the fastest pace in 11 years during the first three months of 2018, a development that is likely to reinforce the European Central Bank’s determination to end a key stimulus program in December.
Australia: Strong universities central to regional development
Strong regional universities are central to driving regional development and central to increasing regional prosperity — according to a new report by the Australian House of Representatives Select Committee on Regional Development and Decentralization.
New insight into how autism might develop in human brain
In a study published in Stem Cell Reports, a McGill team of scientists led by Dr. Carl Ernst, researcher at the Douglas Hospital Research Center, revealed a molecular mechanism that may play a role in the development of autism.
Herpesvirus may contribute to Alzheimer's development
Certain species of herpesviruses may play a role in Alzheimer's disease according to a study of brain samples from people with and without the disease.
Total pullout not affecting South Pars development: Official
The possible withdrawal of French oil major Total from Iran's South Pars gas field has not slowed down the project, a senior Iranian official said, adding that Tehran is in talks with Russia's Gazprom on the development of two other fields.
Cultural development strategy boosts competitiveness of cities and regions
On May 4, the historical city of Burgos in Northern Spain gathered together local and regional representatives from EU member states in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.
Discovery of immune cells able to defend against mutating viruses could transform vaccine development
Scientists have found immune cells can fight different strains of the same virus — a discovery which could help transform vaccine development.
EU must put poverty reduction before corporate profits when financing development
The EU’s plan to expand its External Investment Plan to finance development projects is not backed up by evidence, wrote María José Romero and Isabelle Brachet.
New cellular insights in bone development
Most of us don't think about our teeth and bones until one aches or breaks. A team of engineers at Washington University in St. Louis looked deep within collagen fibers to see how the body forms new bone and teeth, seeking insights into faster bone healing and new biomaterials.
Senior Iran official urges regional states to end rivalries
The head of Iran's Strategic Council on Foreign Relations says despite the opportunities in the Indian Ocean Rim, unfortunately the rivalries between some countries have had negative impacts on the region’s development.

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