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Joint surgery may shoot up sugar level in diabetics
People with diabetes who undergo joint replacement surgery are at higher risk of experiencing elevated blood sugar levels after the operation, increasing their chances of developing infections and other complications, a new study suggested.
Eating nuts tied to lower heart disease risk for diabetics
People with diabetes who regularly eat nuts may be less likely to develop heart disease than their counterparts who rarely, if ever, consume nuts, a US study suggested.
Sugary drinks more harmful to diabetics than sweetened foods, warns study
A new study claims that sweetened drinks which contain added sugars and substances that have the nutrient-poor energy or empty calories are more likely to cause type 2 diabetes as compared to sugary foods.
Type 2 diabetics can reduce risk for cardiovascular disease
People with type 2 diabetes can significantly reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease with proper treatment and not smoking, according to a study in Sweden.
Weight-loss surgery's benefits wane over time for diabetics
In the relative short-run, weight-loss surgery helped obese people struggling with type 2 diabetes experience marked improvement in diabetes-related health issues, new research reported.
Diabetics may often fare poorly in hospice care
Decisions about diabetes care can become harder as people age, and that may be especially true for those needing hospice care.
Diabetics with related eye damage have increased falling risk
People with diabetic retinopathy are more likely to fall than diabetics who have not developed vision problems, a study in Singapore suggested.
Bionic contact lens, a likely breakthrough for diabetics
Diabetes patients could have their lives transformed with smart contact lens, which could replace painful finger prick tests.
Reprogrammed liver cells could aid diabetics
Researchers in Germany have successfully reprogrammed liver cells into pancreas cells for the first time outside the body in mice, which could lead to a new treatment for type 1 diabetes patients.
New technology lets diabetics skip multiple finger pricks
One of the biggest complaints for diabetics is that they hate having to prick their fingers multiple times to test sugar levels throughout the day.
Nasal spray may give diabetics faster treatment
A new nasal spray might make rescue care easier for diabetics who are woozy or even unconscious due to severe low blood sugar, a new clinical trial suggested.
Skipping breakfast provokes  blood sugar spikes in diabetics
A new study reveals the substantial impact of skipping breakfast on type-2 diabetics. 'Fasting' until noon triggers major blood sugar spikes (postprandial hyperglycemia) and impairs the insulin responses of type-2 diabetics throughout the rest of the day, researchers say.
Smart insulin patch for diabetics
Painful insulin injections could become a thing of the past for the millions of Americans who suffer from diabetes, thanks to a new invention from researchers at the University of North Carolina and NC State, who have created the first smart insulin patch that can detect increases in blood sugar levels and secrete doses of insulin into the bloodstream whenever needed.
Diabetic Americans lack good medical care
One in every five young American adults with diabetes hasn't seen a doctor in the past six months, a new government report indicated.
Sleep apnea linked to kidney disease progression in diabetics
Kidney disease may progress faster for diabetics who have kidney disease and also suffer from sleep apnea, according to a new study.

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