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Rock samples reveal mystery of the day the dinosaurs died
It was one of the most destructive days in the history of our planet, and now we know how it played out. Scientists have pieced together the first day of the dinosaurs’ demise, by drilling into the crater that formed from the asteroid that triggered their downfall.
Were dinosaurs killed off by asteroid or volcanoes? It's complicated
Every school child knows the dinosaurs were killed off by an asteroid smashing into the Earth some 66 million years ago.
Some dinosaurs had exquisite eggs with colors, spots, speckles
Some dinosaurs laid colored, speckled and spotted eggs boasting exquisite hues of blue and brown, scientists said on Thursday, in a discovery that scrambles the notion that such exceptional traits originated with birds.
'Time Traveller' claims dinosaurs to return as humans suffer '1000 year dark age'
Eerth will be hit by a 1,000 year long dark age which will see average temperatures soar to 40°Celsius and dinosaur return from extinction according to a dramatic claim from a woman who insists she is a time traveler.
Dinosaurs couldn't stick out their tongues
Despite animations and illustrations suggesting otherwise, dinosaurs couldn't stick out their tongues.
How hefty dinosaurs sat on eggs without crushing them
Brooding birds from chickadees to ostriches sit squarely on their eggs. But scientists thought some of the heftier dinosaur ancestors of birds might not be able to do that without crushing the clutches.
Dinosaurs ended with a bang!
It is commonly understood that the dinosaurs disappeared with a bang — wiped out by a great meteorite impact on the Earth 66 million years ago.
Dinosaurs built different types of nests for their eggs
Tens of millions of years ago, dinosaurs liked to build nests to keep their eggs warm, just like reptiles and birds today. Now we know a little bit more about how and where the nests were built.
Dinosaurs ‘too successful for their own good’
A study mapping how dinosaurs spread across the world shows they may have been a victim of their own success.
Pentagon stones host mineralized microbes older than the dinosaurs
The Pentagon is bugged — new research out of Australia suggested the stone used to build the Pentagon is home to 340-million-year-old mineralized microbes.
Feeling crabby: Plant-eating dinosaurs snacked on crustaceans
Some plant-eating dinosaurs apparently liked a side order of crabs to go with their usual salad.
Volcanoes triggered dawn of dinosaurs
A million-year-long period of extreme volcanic activity most likely paved the way for the dawn of the dinosaurs, a study suggested.
How did dinosaurs evolve into birds?
Scientists may have finally worked out how dinosaurs evolved into birds.
Antibiotic-resistant microbes date back to before the age of dinosaurs
Leading hospital ‘superbugs’, known as the enterococci, arose from an ancestor that dates back 450 million years — about the time when animals were first crawling onto land (and well before the age of dinosaurs), according to a new study led by researchers from Massachusetts Eye and Ear, the Harvard-wide Program on Antibiotic Resistance and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

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