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US emissions of carbon dioxide spiked in 2018
US emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, spiked last year after falling for the previous three, as cold weather spurred natural gas demand for heating and as the economy pushed planes and trucks to guzzle fuel, an estimate showed.
New mineral eats carbon dioxide
The team from the Trent University in Ontario, used tiny polystyrene microspheres as a catalyst to speed up the formation of CO2-grabbing magnesite to just 72 days.
Scientists find how zebrafish smell carbon dioxide and evade
A Japanese study discovered a neuronal pathway that makes fish avoid the unpleasant carbon dioxide.
Rising carbon dioxide levels, ocean acidity may change crucial marine process
Climate change may be putting cyanobacteria that are crucial to the functioning of the ocean at risk as the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases and the acidity of ocean water changes.
How Northern European waters soak up carbon dioxide
The seas around the UK and the rest of northern Europe take up a staggering 24 million tons of carbon each year.

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