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Newly discovered mechanism helps our own immune systems fight cancer
An international team of researchers has discovered a new mechanism that will better activate the immune system against cancer.
Ancient Roman statue discovered in margarine tub
An ancient statue of the Roman deity Minerva was discovered in a margarine tub, where it had been languishing for years.
Egypt finds mummies dating back over 2,300 years
Egyptian archeologists have discovered eight mummies dating back over 2,300 years at a pyramid complex south of Cairo, authorities say.
Remains of Anglo-Saxon cemetery discovered
Archeologists from the University of Sheffield have uncovered a previously unknown Anglo-Saxon cemetery.
Ancient continent discovered beneath the ice of Antarctica
The ice sheets of Antarctica could be hiding the remains of a long-lost continent, according to satellite data collected by the European Space Agency (ESA).
Scientists who discovered revolutionary way to attack cancer cells win Nobel Prize
The Nobel Prize for Medicine was given to two scientists who found a revolutionary new way of treating cancer.
Water clouds discovered deep inside Jupiter's Great Red Spot megastorm
Scientists, for the first time, detected water clouds deep inside the Great Red Spot on Jupiter.
'Alien' asteroid discovered orbiting wrong way near Jupiter
An ‘alien’ asteroid from another star system has been discovered sharing Jupiter's orbit.
Inscriptions discovered in Caspian Sea might be spells
A number of 699 Persian and Arabic inscriptions discovered in the depth of the Caspian Sea and alongside a castle is most probably spells which were used as talisman for the repulsion of disasters and adversaries.
World's oldest message in bottle discovered on Australian beach
The world’s oldest message in a bottle has been discovered on a beach in Western Australia, almost 132 years after it was thrown into the ocean.
95 new exoplanets discovered during NASA's K2 mission
Scientists have confirmed 95 additional exoplanets outside the solar system based on analysis of NASA's K2 mission data.
New antibiotic family discovered in dirt
US scientists have discovered a new family of antibiotics in soil samples.
Mechanism behind common Parkinson's mutation discovered
Northwestern Medicine investigators have discovered how a gene mutation results in buildup of a toxic compound known to cause Parkinson's disease symptoms, defining for the first time the mechanism underlying that aspect of the disease.
chess piece with Islamic designs discovered in Norway
People have been playing chess for centuries — but a new chess piece found in Norway further reveals the spread of the ancient game to the Nordic region, and provides some intriguing insights about the game's history.

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