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Serena Williams hits out at ‘discrimination’ over doping tests
Serena Williams hit out again at the frequency with which she is selected for anti-doping tests.
Half of world's children at risk of war, poverty, discrimination
"More than half the world's children start their lives held back because they are a girl, because they are poor or because they are growing up in a warzone," the report said.
Thousands rally in Brussels to protest racism, discrimination
Around four thousands have rallied in the Belgian capital to denounce racism and discrimination and demand equality for all.
Poverty, inequality and discrimination in Latin America
Poverty is a cause and consequence of human rights violations. The impoverished face the fact that they are often unaware of their own rights.
People suffered appearance-related discrimination more vulnerable to health issues
People who have been discriminated against due to their appearance are more likely to suffer from poor health down the line, a survey showed.
More money, education makes discrimination worse for minorities
And that might help explain racial disparities in health among middle- and upper-class Americans, said the study’s lead author, Cynthia Colen of The Ohio State University, according to
UK depressed elderly face NHS discrimination
UK elderly patients with common mental health problems are facing ‘clear discrimination’ at the hands of the National Health System (NHS), experts warned.
Doctors who are mothers face discrimination
About two thirds of female physicians with children have experienced gender discrimination and one third report discrimination due to pregnancy, maternity leave or breastfeeding, according to a survey conducted last year.
Discrimination linked to increased pediatric asthma rates
A new study shows that African-American children who experience discrimination are at a greater risk of having asthma.
New York City combats discrimination after big rise in hate crimes
New York City has launched a campaign against discrimination and harassment following a 30 percent rise in hate crimes this year in America’s most populous city.
One-fifth of cancer patients face work discrimination
Almost one-fifth of people (18 percent) diagnosed with cancer face discrimination from employers or colleagues on return to work in the UK, a research by the charity Macmillan suggested.
Arab League chief slams Israel as bastion of 'fascism, discrimination'
The head of the largest Arab grouping has described Israel as a den of “fascism and racial discrimination” after Tel Aviv rejected a new initiative to resolve its conflict with the Palestinians.
'Most women in US experience discrimination'
A majority of women in the United States have personally experienced discrimination based on their gender, according to a new poll.
Disabled DWP staff report more discrimination in workplace
The Department for Work and Pensions has been criticized for an increase in the number of its own staff reporting discrimination on the grounds of disability.
Perceived discrimination linked to poor diet
Feeling like the target of discrimination may increase a person’s odds of harmful behaviors like smoking, eating fatty foods and getting less sleep, a study of African-Americans suggested.

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