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Over-60s exercising an hour a week face a lower risk of heart disease or stroke: South Korean researchers
It's never too late to start exercising, according to a major study which found active over-60s cut their risk of heart attack and stroke.
Prostate drug may slow Parkinson's disease
A drug used to treat enlarged prostates may be a powerful medicine against Parkinson's disease, according to an international team of scientists.
Hundreds show up to support and bring awareness to heart disease and strokes in US
Almost 850,000 people across the United States died in 2016 from cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association. On Saturday in Spokane, survivors, caretakers and supporters walked to bring awareness to heart disease and strokes.
Gene therapy for rare eye disease set to be offered on NHS
Patients with a rare inherited eye disorder are set to be able to access a new gene therapy on the UK National Health Service (NHS) which slows down sight loss.
Diabetes medication to reduce heart disease shows promise
Researchers, including one of an Indian-origin, have shed light on how a class of medications that help regulate blood sugar for patients with type 2 diabetes can also protect from heart disease.
Banana industry on alert after disease arrives in Colombia
It might not be obvious at the supermarket, but the banana industry is fighting to protect the most popular variety of the fruit from a destructive fungus.
Treatable disease often mistaken for Alzheimer's
When John Searle started to fall down and lose his memory, he thought it was the early signs of dementia. But it turns out he has a rare — and often undiagnosed — condition called normal pressure hydrocephalus. The good news is it's treatable.
US probes link between vaping, lung disease as patient dies
A patient who had recently been vaping has died in the US after developing severe lung disease, officials said, as authorities scrambled to find the cause behind almost 200 more potential cases.
Disease can take toll on summer garden
Wow, the weathermen aren’t wrong when they say it’s a stifling heat out there this week. But are any of us really surprised? It is summer after all. Heat happens.
Discovering how diabetes leads to vascular disease
A team of UC Davis Health scientists and physicians has identified a cellular connection between diabetes and one of its major complications — blood vessel narrowing that increases risks of several serious health conditions, including heart disease and stroke.
How an omega-6 fatty acid may keep heart disease at bay
New research explains the potential benefit of an omega-6 fatty acid for heart health.
Is US weaponizing of ticks behind Lyme disease spread?
US lawmakers in the lower chamber of Congress have voted to demand that the US Defense Department disclose whether it conducted experiments to “weaponize” disease-carrying ticks.
Air pollution speeds up aging of the lungs  and increases chronic lung disease risk
A study of more than 300,000 people has found that exposure to outdoor air pollution is linked to decreased lung function and an increased risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Congenital heart disease directly linked to cancer in young patients
Many contemporary discussions on our collective human fight against cancer center on the significance of genetics as related to the onset of this hydra-headed disease.
In vitro fertilization linked to deadly heart disease in pregnancy
Women undergoing fertility treatment should urgently see their doctor if they have heart failure symptoms, according to a study presented at Heart Failure 2019, a scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

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