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Gene-silencing reverses porphyria disease
Doctors have used a new type of medicine called ‘gene silencing’ to reverse a disease that leaves people in crippling pain.
Study finds link between common virus and faster disease progression in cystic fibrosis
A new study has found that cystic fibrosis patients who have a common virus may experience faster disease progression than patients who do not have the virus.
Disease may be killing California desert bighorn sheep
A new survey found a sharp decline in desert bighorn sheep in Southern California, the US, and biologists suspect the cause is a disease contracted from domestic animals.
Eating nuts tied to lower heart disease risk for diabetics
People with diabetes who regularly eat nuts may be less likely to develop heart disease than their counterparts who rarely, if ever, consume nuts, a US study suggested.
Year in space put US astronaut’s disease defenses on alert
Nearly a year in space put astronaut Scott Kelly’s immune system on high alert and changed the activity of some of his genes compared to his Earth-bound identical twin, researchers said on Friday.
Men who can't do 10 push-ups at greater risk of heart disease, study says
Middle-aged men who can’t complete 10 push-ups are at significantly higher risk of heart attacks or strokes, a study has found.
Lyme disease can be diagnosed by 'bull's eye' rash alone
Lyme disease can be diagnosed by the rash alone, new advice for the UK National Health System (NHS) said.
Blood protein contributes to memory loss in Alzheimer's disease, study says
A protein found in blood could be the key to identifying the cause of Alzheimer's disease, a new study says.
Nearly half of US adults have cardiovascular disease: Study
A new report estimates that nearly half of all US adults have some form of heart or blood vessel disease, a medical milestone that's mostly due to recent guidelines that expanded how many people have high blood pressure.
Hundreds of parents across Australia unaware of risks of deadly meningococcal B disease
Concerns have been raised around Australia about the potentially deadly meningococcal disease, and parents who believe their children are fully immunized despite still being vulnerable.
Brexit will increase deaths from heart disease by making fruit and veg more expensive, study warns
Brexit could result in thousands more people dying from heart disease, strokes and conditions like cancer as price rises for fruit and vegetables will make maintaining a healthy diet increasingly unaffordable, researchers have warned.
Study: Pregnancy can raise risk of heart disease
Women who have given birth have a higher chance of developing heart disease and strokes than those who are childless, a new study said.
Higher calcium levels may predict heart disease
Specks of calcium in the heart's artery walls could signal early risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly in men from South Asian countries, including India, and may help develop treatment methods, researchers say.
Calcium specks may help detect heart disease in South Asians
Specks of calcium in the heart's artery walls could be an important prognostic marker of early cardiovascular disease in South Asians and may help guide treatment in this population, according to a study by researchers at UC San Francisco.

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