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Pakistan continues to face double burden of diseases in 2019
The trend of health problems faced by the population in 2019 hinted that the country continued to face extraordinary burden of both the communicable and non-communicable diseases in 2019 and the concerned government authorities come up with almost little success in devising a strategy to safeguard population from the infectious diseases and their epidemics.
Heart diseases raise risk for kidney failure, study finds
Having certain heart diseases may increase a person's risk for developing kidney failure, a new study has found.
Gene editing breakthroughs that cured genetic diseases in 2019
In the summer of 2019, a mother in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States, with a seemingly incurable genetic disorder finally found an end to her suffering — by editing her genome.
Diseases, including cancer, kill 300 children every day in Yemen: Health minister
Yemen says every day, 300 Yemeni children suffering from various diseases, including cancer, lose their lives, meaning a genocide is happening before the eyes of the world in the impoverished country.
Half of WHO-recommended policies to reduce chronic diseases are not put into practice
The first analysis of World Health Organization-recommended policies to prevent and control non-communicable diseases (NCDs) finds that implementation is slowly improving, but on average just over half get no further than being endorsed, according to results from 151 countries published in The Lancet Global Health journal. The current study is the first to analyses what progress was made in putting 18 policies into practice worldwide between 2015 and 2017.
Fighting diseases in Ethiopia, Philippines
Aba Wolde Agdew lives in the Amhara Province of Ethiopia. He is partially blind from trachoma and cannot work to support his family.
Depression genes linked to onset of diseases
A new research has shown that having depression can make you prone to a number of other unrelated diseases. Chances are, your depression genes can in fact be responsible for putting you at risk of acquiring coronary heart disease and bacterial infections.
New way to fight crop diseases with a smartphone
Late blight is a common disease of plants such as tomatoes and potatoes, capable of wiping out entire crops on commercial-scale fields. Caused by a fungus-like pathogen, it first appears as black or brown lesions on leaves, stems, fruit or tubers. If conditions are favorable, it can quickly spread to other plants through wet soil and as wind-scattered spores.
China reports 23,377 deaths from infectious diseases in 2018
A total of 23,377 people died as a result of infectious diseases on the Chinese mainland in 2018, official data showed.
Stay safe as climate change prompts vector-borne diseases
A recent study has claimed that with the climate getting warmer with every passing year, the geographical range of vector-borne diseases such as chikungunya, dengue fever, leishmaniasis, and tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) is expanding rapidly.
Could DNA screening test become norm to detect genetic diseases?
While adding DNA sequencing to the screening of newborns for hundreds of potential genetic diseases may help accurately identify babies who will develop a disease, it could be too early to recommend for the general public, say researchers.
Your zip code can influence your risk of serious diseases
A new study from McMaster University has revealed that where you live may influence your risk of serious diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
Global warming will unlock ancient diseases like the plague, scientists say
Global warming could reawaken ancient diseases — even the Black Death — according to an Oxford University professor.

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