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Garment workers clash with police in Bangladesh, disrupt industry
Thousands of garment industry workers in Bangladesh have rallied near the capital to protest low salaries, disrupting an industry crucial for much national revenue.
US bans disrupt medicine imports for victims of chemical attacks: Iran
Tehran says the American economic sanctions against Iran could hamper imports of medicine meant for victims of chemical attacks, despite Washington’s claims to the contrary.
Can chiropractic care disrupt vision?
For those in the habit of getting their neck adjusted by a chiropractor, the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center has interesting information to know about: High velocity neck manipulation has been shown to result in stress on the eye and lead to spotty vision.
Climate change may be starting to disrupt planet’s seasons
Poring through four decades of satellite data, climate scientists have concluded for the first time that humans are pushing seasonal temperatures out of balance – shifting what one researcher called the very ‘march of the seasons themselves’.
Iran defense minister: US aiming to disrupt geographical borders in region
Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said on Thursday that the US is aiming to permute the geographical borders of the region.
Indian low-caste workers disrupt life in Mumbai for second day after clash
Protests disrupted business in India’s financial hub of Mumbai for a second day on Wednesday as lower-caste Dalits pelted buses, blocked rail lines and shut malls after a clash with right-wing Hindus.
US probes alleged Russian operation to disrupt Nov. election
The US government is investigating a “broad covert operation” by Russia to disrupt the November presidential election, according to a report.
California students disrupt Israeli mayor’s speech
Pro-Palestinian students have disrupted an Israeli official’s speech in the US state of San Francisco, denouncing Tel Aviv’s hostility towards Palestinians.
New way to disrupt brain tumor stem cells
Some brain tumors are notoriously difficult to treat. Whether surgically removed, zapped by radiation or infiltrated by chemotherapy drugs, they find a way to return.

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